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The go-to solution for crafting training Material in the MENA region  Your bag | design and preparation of training bags 1 Your bag | design and preparation of training bags

Our goal is to unleash the enormous potential of trainers to ensure highly efficient training courses
Your bag | design and preparation of training bags 3 Your bag | design and preparation of training bags
مؤسسة حقيبتك لاعداد وتصميم الحقائب التدريبية هي منظمة تعمل في مجال تطوير الموارد البشرية وتقديم الحلول التدريبية المخصصة. تأسست "حقيبتك" من أجل تلبية احتياجات الأفراد والشركات في تحقيق أهدافهم التدريبية وتطوير مهاراتهم. تهدف المؤسسة إلى تقديم حلول تعليمية وتطويرية شاملة وفعالة تساهم في تحسين الأداء وتعزيز النجاح الشخصي والمهني.

Design an approved training material

We are designing integrated training materials for better x5 training courses according to the standards of the General Organization for Vocational Training and the IMAS standards.

Interactive training materials

Training materials for online training in e-learning platforms (LMS), (SCROM)

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Our vision

Top-notch technology-driven training content services.

مؤسسة حقيبتك لاعداد وتصميم الحقائب التدريبية هي منظمة تعمل في مجال تطوير الموارد البشرية وتقديم الحلول التدريبية المخصصة. تأسست "حقيبتك" من أجل تلبية احتياجات الأفراد والشركات في تحقيق أهدافهم التدريبية وتطوير مهاراتهم. تهدف المؤسسة إلى تقديم حلول تعليمية وتطويرية شاملة وفعالة تساهم في تحسين الأداء وتعزيز النجاح الشخصي والمهني.

With a rich history of designing training bags, our organization is uniquely and innovatively qualified to bridge the gap between innovation training bags with different luster and permanent development of axes that suit all training updates as well as real solutions required by trainers.

“Our institution offers curriculum-based training modules to enhance organized and effective learning opportunities. The training modules are designed based on predefined frameworks, with a focus on key components to ensure the efficient achievement of your training course objectives. The training package includes interactive learning units and stimulating educational materials, enabling participants to acquire skills comprehensively. ‘Your Toolkit’ aims to provide a customized training experience centered around key components, promoting interaction and a deep understanding of the presented topics.

Our institution, ‘Your Toolkit,’ offers restructuring and development services for training materials to ensure an enhanced learning experience. Our services encompass precise structural design, including specific learning plans and organized content structures. We provide advanced learning modules and diverse educational resources to enrich participants’ understanding. Our training materials design and development team focuses on delivering innovative and effective learning experiences, incorporating comprehensive assessment methods. We strive to enhance the learning experience fully, contributing to the holistic development of personal and professional capabilities.

Hakapetk Foundation provides a unique service in designing and developing interactive electronic training bags dedicated to learning platforms and compliant with SCORM standards. We care about motivating both the trainer and the trainee through an attractive design and effective content. We understand that interactive bags require technical uniqueness, and we guarantee specialized training content in tune with technological innovation. Our services enable an interesting and effective learning experience, seamlessly integrating technology with traditional training processes.

Training Material Categories

Skills and self-development

Training materials for the development of skills and oneself are fundamental for personal and professional growth. Such materials provide an opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen personal abilities, which contribute to improving performance in the career field and achieving personal goals.

Finance and accounting

Training materials in the fields of Finance and accounting provide professional updates and enhance audit and financial planning skills. Enables participants to effectively understand personal aspects and develop in their professional fields.

Business development

Business Development Training materials offer strategic insights and organizational skills. Contribute to enhancing leadership and innovation capabilities, which enhances organizational success and improves the performance of working teams.

Learn languages

Language learning training materials provide effective and intensive learning experiences. It focuses on developing writing, reading, and speaking skills, helping participants gain a comprehensive and effective familiarity with new languages.

Educational pedagogy

Educational training materials offer innovative teaching strategies and develop classroom organization skills. They contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of teaching and stimulating positive interaction in the learning environment.

Health and sports

Health and sports training materials focus on enhancing fitness and improving lifestyle. It provides specialized training skills and encourages the development of healthy habits and improved athletic performance.

Business applications

Training materials for work applications provide practical skills in the use of advanced technologies and tools. It focuses on developing organizational skills and personal effectiveness to enhance performance in sophisticated work environments.

Technique and technology

Technical and technology training materials offer advanced knowledge and specific technical skills. It focuses on updating participants with the latest technological developments and enhancing their abilities in data analysis and designing innovative solutions.

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Consult us for free to determine your goals and the appropriate training outlines in your training material. We will guide you and help you identify your unique training needs. We offer professional advice and guidance to determine your goals and the main training outlines that will help you develop successful training materials. Take advantage of our free consultation now!
مؤسسة "حقيبتك" هي شركة متخصصة في توفير حقائب تدريبية شاملة وعالية الجودة، مصممة خصيصًا لتلبية احتياجات التدريب والتطوير الشخصي للأفراد والمؤسسات. تهدف "حقيبتك" إلى تقديم موارد تعليمية متميزة تساعد على تعزيز المعرفة وتطوير المهارات في مجموعة متنوعة من المجالات.

Opinions of our clients

What trainers say about Hakapetk

Rowan summer
Rowan summer
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My experience with Hakapetk was a very professional service. It's always scary to deal with a company by e-mail and not know what will happen from it. Hakapetk team has provided the highest level of customer service and I am very pleased to be one of your customers.
Nayef Al-Harbi
Nayef Al-Harbi
Certified trainer
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I thank the Hakapetk site for the credibility in dealing and the excellent delivery speed and this encourages me to order more training material later
Certified trainer
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A very great site in terms of design, services, and colors, and everything is perfectly coordinated clearly and easily, good luck always.
Hamad Al Yafei
Hamad Al Yafei
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Honestly, it's a great way to organize. I didn't find it on most of the sites I dealt with. Your treatment is wonderful and coordinated in every way as God wills, God sustains you and increases you by His grace.
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After evaluating my options, I decided to start a training company. My limited budget is a big constraint. With the reals I buy from Hakapetk enterprise, I will need less time to customize the content and I will have more time to see potential customers. Thank you very much for your kindness. She's my best choice.
Nur Badran
Nur BadranCoach
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I have found that the training materials provided by Hakapetk website are very easy to use. The order of the material is so well organized that it makes training very easy. Thanks to the site's curators, because every time I need help with something they are always ready to help, and the response time it's a great institution with great people.

Our goal

We are dedicated to a mission of crafting training content for our MENA.

فريق اعداد وتصميم الحقائب التدريبية

Hamad Al-Rifai

Design and development specialist
فريق اعداد وتصميم الحقائب التدريبية

Amal Al-masaoud

Training Content Development and design consultant
فريق اعداد وتصميم الحقائب التدريبية

Abdullah Suleiman

Director of design and quality development
فريق اعداد وتصميم الحقائب التدريبية

Badr Abdulaziz

Content development manager

15 years of experience


Frequently asked questions

You can get information about the training materials we offer by contacting us via WhatsApp, Where a comprehensive detail is available about the outlines , training content, and skills covered by the training materials. You can also contact the development team by phone 966545301217 for more details.

“Hakapetk” offers comprehensive training materials in all fields, where our development team takes a customized approach to designing each training material according to the needs and requirements of its field. Our dedicated team includes experts in content design and technical innovation, ensuring the delivery of unique and effective learning experiences. We understand the diversity in the fields and strive to meet the training requirements of each sector. Depending on technical knowledge and specialization, we offer customized solutions that promote skill development and excellence in every field.

To meet customer expectations and provide customized training experiences, we can adopt an interactive and participatory approach to software development. This can be achieved by conducting consultation meetings to accurately understand the needs of clients, and analyze the goal of training and target skills. In addition, the content and activities can be adapted to suit the requirements of the selected work team.

We use a variety of training methods that include practical workshops, interactive lessons, and the use of technology to improve learning processes. We make sure to use the latest educational tools to achieve an excellent training experience.

Yes, we can customize the content of the training materials to suit the needs of your team. This allows us to get the most out of training and improve the effectiveness of the learning process.

We have had successful experiences with many companies where they have benefited from our training materials. You can look at the testimonials and recommendations that you find on our website to understand how our materials have positively influenced the performance of previous companies.

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