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Human resources management is one of the most important functions of management because it focuses on the human factor, It is the most valuable resource in management and has the greatest impact on productivity. Human resources management and development is the cornerstone of most organizations and aims to strengthen regulatory capabilities and enable companies to attract and obtain qualifications. Competencies to meet current and future challenges. Human resources can contribute to the organization’s goals and profits. The organization’s efficiency and success in achieving its goals depends on the productivity, efficiency, experience and enthusiasm of individuals. therefore Management scientists help shape the most of everyone in your organization through human resources management, Which begins with planning, selection, training, motivation, evaluation and everything related to the human element.

Human Resources Management Definitions

The main objective of personnel management is to create a stable and effective workforce, An understanding group of staff and staff who are able and willing to work. Human capital with the highest efficiency.

Personnel management is defined as examining policies for selecting, recruiting, training and processing staff at all levels, allocated to staff within the organization, and enhance their confidence in the fairness of the administration, And to promote the spirit of cooperation between them. So that the agency can reach its highest production potential.

The concept of managing individuals is a science that leads to getting and maintaining the people needed to run and maintain the business.

Others define managing people as getting the best results from people for an organization, Take care of them and lure them to stay in the organization and give everything to their work.

From the previous definition, Human resources management can be defined as the executive branch specializing in managing individuals in the organization in order to place the right individuals in the right positions in order to achieve the organization’s objectives.

Human Resources Management Objectives

11 human resources training courses 1 11 human resources training courses

Course principles:

The course begins with an introduction to human resources and some other relevant concepts, The most important function of human resources management as an integrated section of the organization, What is the basic human resources section. That– that.

The goal of human resources management is to manage workplace relationships. Each individual has his own contribution to the management of this section. As an employee outside the human resources department, You shouldn’t just know your rights, You should also take care of your request: How the decision was made at work until the day you left the project – adventure.

as an employer or someone interested in management Understanding and learning basic human resources tasks, skills and practices will give you a solid foundation for starting a professional business and strengthening areas within your organization that need to be strengthened. You might be interested.

After completing the human resources management principles course, You’ll have an overview of the basics of human resources, The most important definitions and concepts related to them, and the right way to do a lot of things about the field, which you will be able to advance in various areas of work in the real world.

Course axes

Training courses:

Training courses play a very important role in both public and private institutions and even educational organizations and institutions. These courses can be conducted on virtual online platforms or real learning platforms to facilitate learning at any time. Some sites offer these free courses, Such as:

Allison eLearning platform, which is the most famous online training and education platform, Most training courses for their personal and professional qualifications and success.

Corsera is also one of the most important platforms for offering training courses in various fields including human resources, through which you can learn online and gain more skills and experience from the best trainers, Courses are available in a variety of language versions.

One of the most important training courses in this field

1. Diploma

2. Introduction to Time Management

3- Basics: Introduction to the role of management in recruitment and new projects0.

4. Modern Management

5. Recruitment and staff selection

Staff relations and management

7. Department of Human Resources for Administrators

8. Setting up to manage

9. Employee Performance Management

10- Customer Satisfaction Management

Building leadership skills


Human Resources Management is one of the most important management departments in institutions and companies. This section focuses on the most important management resource, The human factor, It is the most productive factor in management. The aim of this section is to enhance the organizational skills of the individual and to develop and attract the competencies required to work within the company. and enable companies to keep up with contemporary and future challenges, Human resources management helps to achieve regulatory objectives and increase profits.

11 human resources training courses 2 11 human resources training courses

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