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Opinions of clients we are proud of

Discover the success stories of the most influential leaders who chose Hakapetk as part of a partnership driving individual growth, change, and adaptability in response to changes.

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King Abdulaziz University

The team in Hakapetk was excellent as we developed and implemented an online training program for students with more than 14,000 participants. The training materials in every aspect of the implementation and the support of the course from start to finish helped to achieve great success! We know we have a committed partner and we look forward to working with your bag team always .

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Jeddah University

The Hakapetk team has done a high-level job in providing very comprehensive training material focused on key supervisory challenges

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Ministry of Labor and social development

Peace be upon you, and may the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. I sincerely thank you for your efforts, and praise be to Allah for the excellent training provided. It was wonderful, and all the materials were excellent. I highly recommend dealing with your website, Hakapetk. May Allah bless you and protect you from all harm. I hope for your continued commitment to the same quality and excellent service

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The General Organization for Vocational Training

I would like to express my appreciation for the support throughout the purchasing process and the flexibility demonstrated by Hakapetk. They were precise and comprehensive in their support, promptly addressing any inquiries I had.

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General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities

The way the materials are designed makes the training process very simple thank you for helping to facilitate my work a lot.
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King Saud University

The way the materials are designed makes the training process very simple thank you for helping to facilitate my work a lot.

Opinions of clients we are proud of

Our partners in success's opinion

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The Operations and Execution Department Manager

Abdullah Al Jasser

Our company, Hakapetk, is distinguished by providing high-quality and stylish training kits, supported by modern technology. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction through unique and practical training content designed to facilitate their daily lives. Join us on a journey of innovation and excellence.

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We thank you for your continuous trust in Hakapetk enterprise. We are committed to providing the best training materials in the Arab world. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our family.

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Abdullah Al-Harbi

Certified trainer

The excellent training material provided a lot of details. We received excellent service, and all our questions were answered promptly. We recommend Hakapetk to other training institutions to deal with you always.

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Hafsa Khater

Certified trainer

Organized, beautiful and highly credible website, I liked the method of purchase and informing the customer step by step until the receipt of the training material, I wish you good luck ،،،

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Tamimi Knight

Certified trainer

Designing training material is never an easy task and this experience is often very stressful, but the presence of the Hakapetk site with me and their support and guidance made the bag preparation process as smooth as it was successful. Excellent team … Excellent job!

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Certified trainer

The training material is not great, but more than great, I benefited from it a lot, thank the people in charge of Hakapetk website.

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Nouf Al-Otaibi

Certified trainer

Thank you very much for your efforts and thank God the training was great, and the bags are all excellent, and I recommend dealing with the location of Hakapetk.

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Hamad Al Yafei

Certified trainer

Honestly, it’s a great way to organize. I didn’t find it on most of the sites I dealt with. Your treatment is wonderful and coordinated in every way God bless you and increase your bounty

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Ashwaq Al-Nasser

Certified trainer

I am very happy, the training materials are already outstanding and respond to customer needs quickly and confidently. In particular, you have been great at working with your flexible, and responsive.

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Certified trainer

The training material I bought will allow me to grow my practice. The product you offer is amazing.

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هذه الحقائب التدريبية مصممة لتوفير مقدمة لنظرية المؤسسات كما يتم تدريسها في الجامعات السويدية

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