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11 Most Important Professional Skills for a Successful Coach

that The success or failure of the training program depends on highly on The coach . (William Tracy, 1991, p. 445) believes that coaches are The most important element of systems vehicles Training after the trainees they do In setting the pace of the training process volume and they are guiding Supporting trainees and providing expertise in a subject Training as they play an important role in systems evaluation training in Throughout the validity period Setting the theme , and on that The versatility of the training style as a whole depends on huge barrier on The merit of the coaches.
    11 Most Important Professional Skills for a Successful Coach

11 Most Important Professional Skills for a Successful Coach

and for each Those factors will choose Train the trainers and develop Metrics for their employment errand in systems planning training . as confirms Even the coach is the element Basic in the process Training to bring about the required changes in Individuals and groups, and there is no doubt that his role It is constantly increasing and its function has become more complex and important due to difficulty Please the characters and groups to change their perceptions and categories of behaviour.
as it stops Tawfiq training on A skilled coach is an expert who is able to Unique teacher training for the era longer in it The educational pattern that is considered an individual average potential is not suitable . Therefore, the coach In the presence of the revolution Technology and science did not It is considered a role A source and transmitter of knowledge However, his role became organized and prepared for circumstances terms and conditions and training environment .

Trainer Jobs

The functions and duties of the trainer can be classified , as can be seen in the following :

1- Planning :

The craft of planning is the most important job The coach and without him can not be enriched other jobs,That ‘s why he shoots above craft take Decisions as you make upon it and based on it other functions, which are Include identification missions Objectives and arrangement of training matters and determine the necessary time and take decisions related to the necessary methods .

2- Organizing

The job of organizing includes preparing, equipping and arranging the training environment and applying the responsibilities concerned with achieving the objectives with the greatest degree of merit and effectiveness and in an economical way.

3- Driving :

By the function of progression , the trainer is responsible for motivating the trainees, motivating them and encouraging them to investigate the set of training objectives set for them.

4- Control:

The profession of control includes determining the scope for matching the functions of organization and leadership in investigating the objectives of the training program. If the goals have not been achieved, the trainer may be in need of doing the following:A – Modifying the training situation before proceeding to modify the objectives .

B – Modifying the training objectives to become achievable in light of the training needs of the trainees.

It embodies the merit in the performance of training duties as seen in the function of 4 necessary reasons :

1- Experience in the training subject:

The greatest criterion that needs to be taken into account when selecting trainers is to determine the persons who have the knowledge and technological skill experience required by the trade to be
The exercises are carried out on top of them and include the following:

A – Knowledge of the Organization A successful coach requires knowledge of the organization’s formal and informal recognized and systematic structure, lines of communication, authority, inter-departmental relationships, organization policies, rules and regulations, the roles of leaders and supervisors, and the materials available to them.

B – Job knowledge The trainers should have a wealth of job knowledge in terms of the history, background and activities of the jobs they are training above and all the duties related to them.

C – Professional skill experiences : The trainers should look at the job description cards and pictures in order to complete the identification of the skill experiences , duties and tasks assigned to the job above which the training is crossed out.

2- Knowledge and skills specific to exercise methods :

Should know what training ? What are its general and specific objectives? And that it is possible for him to differentiate between it and learning and between it and other policies for managing personalities so that he becomes aware of the burdens that training can carry out and those that fall within a newer scope . They are:A- Professional knowledge: The trainer is required to be fully familiar with the training material he will study and be familiar with the latest advances and technologies in the field of teaching and training, especially in the field of adult education.

B- professional skills One of the most skillful experiences must available in Technical director selection and use Methods and methods of training and means Assistance and skill experiences to deal with the individual differences of the trainees Professionalism in encouraging , guiding and guiding trainees And the skill of processing and using And explain the results Refinement supplies .

3- Communication skills :

Qualified trainers are required to be successful conductors in both oral and written communication.4- Personality traits:

There are a face shape and necessary qualities that should be found in qualified trainers, such as: The degree of intelligence, physical fitness, balance, self-confidence, patience , understanding, open-mindedness, acceptance of criticism and change , in addition to the love of working with others.As mentioned (Ahmed Fatan , 1998 AD, p. 347) a number of general qualities that must be available in a successful coach , including:

1- Full knowledge of the training content of the research or teaching seminar at the school .

2- Being able to listen to the students .

3- Being able to motivate the students to talk and clarify their reactions and opinions about the material they are facing .

4- Being able to make inquiries , interact with the feelings of learners , respond constructively to questions, and direct the conversation .

5- Vitality and activity that can attract the trainees into consideration .

6- Familiarity with the new training methods and the ability to use the auxiliary tools in the exercise .

He also mentioned a number of qualities of a good coach , including:

1- Positivity 2- Enthusiasm 3- Supporting others 4- Trusting them

5- Being able to pay attention and direct towards the goal .

6- Knowledge and insight.

7- The power of observation.

8- Enjoying the honor of others.

9- Endurance . Ten – clarity.

11- Self-esteem.

He believes that the successful coach must have the following topics :

1- He should have a holistic view , possess an integrated belief about life and an intuitive insight into its existence and its characteristics.

2- The trainer lacks the feature of flipping the data at its peak , as he is good at linking it to abundant information from the aspects of life and does not continue with the information barriers that he is training and does not leave the information as it is.

3- He has a clear intellectual system about life and the universe.

4- A clear vision of the relationship of man to man, the relationship of man to his Creator, and the relationship of man to life and the living.

5- He has a broad perception of information and a broad perception of life in general , so that he is aware of the importance of planning and its relationship to the mind , behavioral skill experiences , values , habits, motives, desires and psychological needs and their relationship to planning.

6- He understands with a high degree of clarity the dimensions of the cosmic system and the human system with complete clarity.

He also mentioned a number of skills required in trainers, which are:

1- The knowledge base, the coach needs a great deal of time and effort for the continuous development of his knowledge base.

2- The basic skills : – Communication. – Determining the knowledge needs. – Accurately determining the level of participants .

– Extracting indicators from feedback . – Using an integrated training curriculum. – Be careful to highlight the new behaviors . – Provide a safe training environment .

3- Intrinsic abilities : It includes the trainee’s own capabilities , including: – Good acumen . – Harmonization. Balance and context towards results.

There are skill experiences related to presentation and presentation, which are:

1- Presentation skills experience .

2 – skill experiences to provide shareholders and coach .
3- Preparing the training issue .

Among the characteristics of the coach are the following :

1- Loyalty , open-mindedness, confidence, ability to choose, and willingness to refute ideas and deal with work difficulties.

2- That he firmly believes in the price of what he does.

3- To be a model for those who train them.

4- He should have an adequate amount of scientific material.

5- To be able to transfer and communicate data and experiences to the trainees.

6- He should understand the nature of the training or development process and be aware of the discrepancy between them and the education process.

7- He should have the ability to constantly renew and develop the training material and methods.

8- His burdens do not exceed the extent that maintains his effectiveness and provides him with opportunities for self- development .

    11 Most Important Professional Skills for a Successful Coach
11 Most Important Professional Skills for a Successful Coach

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11 Most Important Professional Skills for a Successful Coach

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