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Benefits and importance of assessing personal and institutional training needs:

  1. Provides background information about scenario building.
  2. Leads to an accurate determination of training objectives.
  3. Help design results-oriented programs.
  4. Increases its effectiveness and efficiency by improving targeting.
  5. Determines the targets of training.
  6. Determines the quality of training.
  7. Provides information on staff numbers, ages, and interests, and their academic and practical backgrounds, jobs, responsibilities, And training positions.
  8. Identifies the difficulties and performance issues faced by the organization’s staff.
  9. Provides documentation and materials needed for training.
  10. Increased staff participation in the discussion of work-related issues.
  11. Help trainers design programs that accurately meet the needs of the learner.
  12. Helps avoid the common mistake in training of wasting too much time on complex, relatively uns important topics rather than very important and uncomplicated topics.

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