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The e-learning bag is one of the latest modern learning methods in many countries of the world today. through which students can perform their homework and communicate with their teachers, Thus reducing the stress of students, especially young people. At the beginning of each new school year, As previously announced by the Board of Education, E-book bags will be underestimated and bags are filled with heavy books every day, Digital textbooks are easily accessible.

Definition of electronic educational bag:

Based on the definition of the educational package and the metaphor of what Khan mentioned (2005) when selecting the electronic educational bag:

An interactive learner-focused educational package that anyone can use anytime, anywhere, Carefully designed using electronic technology properties to allow each learner to learn as quickly as possible to an acceptable level of mastery.

The difference between an electronic educational bag and a regular educational bag:

A regular educational bag is a system and multimedia educational activities. Gradually guide learners to master learning and achieve goals with good results and good returns.
We can say that it is an educational system that satisfies itself and helps students according to their abilities, needs and interests, For example If we build a comprehensive module and prepare the activities included in the unit in the form of a web page, And identify the teacher page that includes the goals and refers to their role, The student’s page explains their role, Pages used in evaluation and others used for evaluation
All these integrated page groups are an educational package.
So the education package is fully implemented by the teacher and students apply things and activities at home
And we can use it with our students as a way of self-study, You can follow the link to see many examples of the different educational package: Examples of the educational package

E-educational bag: It is an alternative assessment tool. And the part of the student’s choice of work.
Its goal is to give the student experience by encouraging him to think carefully about his research and choose the best
By helping students create electronic files, We draw their attention to their learning process, invite them and encourage them to participate in evaluations. The e-book bag supports the educational process:
The main purpose is to achieve the learning process for students and improve the teaching process
Students are partners in setting goals and evaluation activities, Where students and teachers participate in discussions and assessments, Students participate in discussions. Students learn how to evaluate all their work and choose the best to put in an electronic package. That is, he learned how to evaluate himself.
The teacher can also deliver his best work by creating an electronic portfolio, For example He can develop the best plan for his lesson plan and the best evaluation method he has implemented.
As the general idea of his work, He constantly monitors and monitors the progress of his work.

12 concepts to identify about the e-educational bag 1 12 concepts to identify about the e-educational bag

Evolution of the use of the electronic educational bag

E-learning is an IT-based educational system to provide learners with educational content, communication skills and concepts, This enables the student to interact effectively and makes him the focal point of the educational process. As a basic concept, E-learning is to use different techniques to provide information to learners in the shortest possible time, save time and effort and make more profits. E-learning and information technology are not goals or objectives per se, It is a means of sharing knowledge and achieving well-known educational purposes, Prepare students to meet the demands on which real life somehow depends on information technology and its rapidly changing nature. The concept of competition was not introduced in the e-learning project, Because the e-learning sector revolves around quality more than quantity, More importantly, good practices are disseminated among schools.
Al-Hajri added that e-book bags are currently used differently than in the past, Where the elements (devices per student) became elements (tablets) because instead of giving each student a device, They have become tablets, Fixed and mobile tablets in the classroom are activated through the school’s laboratory.

One of the products of teaching and learning technology, The e-learning bag successfully embodies the idea of customization in education and promotes self-learning, The educational package goes through several stages of development, Starting with the discovery box, Through matching units, Then the bag. Help pack. The importance of the educational package is that it enables the learner to practice many appropriate audiovisual experiences and skills, It enables it to acquire and access information and directly monitor, review and process materials to the extent that it can achieve its objectives.

3 innovative stages to evaluate training and its objectives

Electronic educational bag entry procedures:

Lifelong learning is the beating heart of society. Educational systems must abandon rigid and closed structures, Despite progress in many countries around the world, Including Arab countries, Using the objectives conceived by information technology from the education sector – especially e-learning – it has not lived up to expectations. Use is still limited, Computerized courses are not properly supported, They appear to be worse in rural and economically disadvantaged areas. Bad service.

Forms of electronic educational bag

It can be a CD or educational site containing a set of basic topics related to the subject under study, allowing teachers and learners to store their work in a variety of media for easy access anytime, anywhere, In addition to electronic packages. It can be easily updated and changed. It has a high storage capacity and the bag can contain transparent, flash-printed images and models of natural course sizes using the PowerPoint pilot program.

12 concepts to identify about the e-educational bag 2 12 concepts to identify about the e-educational bag

E-educational bag goals

Raising the cultural level of the learner.

There is no doubt that the nature of e-book bags assumes relatively different components from traditional educational bags, Including components and data imposed by technology.

Key components of the e-learning bag:

Directions: Includes clear information on the subject, content and level of the bag, the target group of learners and their level of education, It includes general information on:

  1. Address: explains the basic idea with which the package deals, As clear and specific as the title is, It serves its purpose.
  2. Instructions for teacher and student: It contains instructions explaining the teacher and the student – each in the copy assigned to him.
  3. How to handle the bag, the steps of work in the bag, the way the test is used and when.
  4. Reasons for using the bag: Explain to the learner the purpose of using the bag method to learn the subject, And explain to him the importance of what is learned, The aim is to convince him of its importance.
  5. Components: Tools, equipment, transparency, movies, Etc.
  6. Target group: Select the type of learners targeted by the program, Such as age, level, and class restrictions, And so on.
  7. Behavioral goals: Describe the expected results in learner performance at each stage of the portfolio project and after the entire project is completed.

E-learning bag education activities

All e-learning bags contain a range of activities and options, This gives learners the opportunity to choose content that suits their interests, educational background and cultural balance. These activities also provide an active interaction between the learner and the materials provided to him to achieve highly defined goals of mastery, These options include:

  1. Various educational techniques: Make the bag include an appropriate set of techniques to achieve specific goals and engage in activities that lead to those goals.
  2. Different approaches and approaches: Depending on the type of education received, Whether individual or collective, Depending on the nature of the subject, and learning patterns, and individual differences between goals, Like the diversity of questions, Relying on audio-visual images, Or several combination methods.
  3. Multi-level content: Continue the learner level from easy to hard.

Calendar and its tools: Evaluation is a key element of the general educational process, and educational packages in particular. Demonstrates how successful the package is in what it is designed for and identifies areas of improvement and development. The evaluation shows how successful learners are in achieving their stated goals after completing various activities portfolio

Calendar programs in the e-educational bag:

  1. Tribal test: Designed to determine whether the learner is ready for a classroom or a packed subject and if a module is needed, Teachers help organize and arrange learners in tight groups to maximize interaction with the program.
  2. Constructive tests: a range of short-term customized tests that accompany the learning process, And constantly provide the learner with immediate comments, Thus improving his learning ability and pushing him to progress after passing each step correctly. If the learner is completely self-reliant, The evaluation is structurally, integrative, structurally and individually self-sustaining.

– Final (post test): This is done after the learner completes the integrated activities and its purpose is to determine how successful the learner is in achieving the goal and how willing he is to start another group. For other complete incomplete alternatives

Skills required to prepare and design the electronic educational bag:

The basic steps to acquire the skills of preparing and designing the e-learning bag can be identified as follows:

  1. Primary cognitive and practical skills in the use of computers and their applications
  2. The idea and importance of primary cognitive skills and the educational portfolio in the educational process
  3. Learn about the components of the e-book bag and what it’s used for.

Ways to set up an electronic educational bag

Set up an e-learning package to address one topic (e.g.: The Arabic alphabet, The process of collecting numbers, The English alphabet. etc.) or a set of topics that may be similar or different in detail, For example, students are literate in the educational bag of Arabic curricula.

Planning for the production of the electronic educational bag:

Select the name of the educational package: (subject served by) the contents of the package, He described the relationship between the educational package and the course.

Education package guide: Contains an explanation of the characteristics of the package and explains the path that learners take in the process of learning scientific material through it and how to conduct different activities and tests, As well as the answer key, This may be the directory (Word file, PowerPoint file, flash file, web page … etc.)

Learner file analysis (target group): Select educational package preparation categories (students in literacy classes).

Rationale: Purpose, importance and communication with the learner’s needs from the topics addressed in the instruction package.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that technology has a significant impact on its users in all areas, Perhaps one of the most prominent of these areas is the field of education; technology may contribute significantly to the educational process if well employed that benefits students and helps them in the educational attainment process, But more importantly, technology is not misused to harm students, from student addiction to computers and electronic devices, and wasting time in front of these devices when it doesn’t work, Besides relying entirely on it and ignoring the important role of the mind, which is the main pillar of the educational process.

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