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12 key skills to become a human development coach

In many developing countries and their companies, The benefits of training and management development are still trade-offs, Developed countries and their companies allocate billions of dollars to these tasks, Because the United States alone spends more than $50 billion each year. Approximately budget (1.5). Individuals used for training and development purposes.

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12 key skills to become a human development coach

Training and development function in international business:

The training is mainly aimed at employees, technicians, production line workers, middle managers and managers. During the development process, Senior staff, general managers or candidates are usually used to fill these positions, Although some literature focuses on the needs of managers at all the fact that different proportions of training and development.
Training and development refers to all planned and implemented work aimed at developing the capabilities, knowledge and skills of employees of all levels and disciplines, and rationalize their behavior. By achieving the personal goals of the institution in which they work, They can maximize their performance and self-realization efficiency. Training and development also includes the development of human and administrative resources through the development of the skills of leaders and managers in leading administrative processes, Analyze problems and make the right decisions.
In addition By changing the plan implemented by the organization, The development process reaches the organizational aspect, Because the values and motives of workers’ behavior are to establish a collective spirit and democracy, And apply team spirit and motivation to organizational improvement through the development of leadership, communication and teamwork, and respond to climate change. The development and training plan should include providing guidance to new employees, And provide trainees with modern concepts in the administrative field, And focus on the administrative and senior departments, And prepare the first leaders, Ongoing seminars for senior management.

Training and development trends for senior departments:

  1. To clarify the importance and role of governance in economic growth at the local and global levels.
  2. Enable leaders to cope with changes and manage risks and crises in accordance with modern management methods.
  3. Improving the level of skills in strategic management of planning, organization and oversight.
  4. Make sure the team works comprehensively and integratedly.
  5. Learn about the economic and administrative trends of the government and how to implement them.
  6. Focus on issues related to creative management, innovation and the ability to develop and change.
  7. Develop capabilities in research, analysis of reports, conclusions and efforts to guide them to achieve the company’s goals.
All this requires people to pay more attention to training and development on management. Since this issue is important to the reality and future of organizational work, Research shows that Motorola in the United States provides nearly 200 hours of training time for managers and employees in the fields of communications and mobile phone in all countries in which they participate. So , In addition to introducing culture, economic environment, legal environment and cultural environment of the host country to local managers, The training and development plan should also cover technology, finance, marketing and production. Company culture.

The most important ways for international businesses to help managers through training and development:

  • Give lectures, show movies and present special brochures about the host country, Followed by a public tour of the country to understand it and its environment on the ground.
  • Provide managers with their country’s language skills.
  • Introducing the culture, customs, traditions and behaviors of the host country.
  • toCorporal of local managers with the objectives, tasks and culture of the parent company, It gives them the opportunity to get to know the company in their home country and the nature, technology, traditions and management methods used.
  • Use simulation and role-playing methods, The trainees were provided with the required information on the situation in the host country.

The impact of the information revolution on the training and development function of international business:

  1. Plan training needs by providing the Internet to training managers and production plans in all departments and understanding the time that affects the implementation of these plans, making training plans possible.
  2. Open continuous training, All interested people can get it at any time online, They have access to 24-hour training courses
  3. Identify training needs by identifying the company’s development directions and policies, studying its strengths and weaknesses, and thus measuring training needs.
  4. Hands-on training is carried out in parallel and at the same time, But trainees will not feel the difference between the work already performed in the work and the work done in the training (in this case, The interaction between the user and the database is real) between the working state and the structured database between the user and the training.
  5. Provide training programs for participants through internal information networks and external information networks to conduct remote training.
  6. Provide training plans tailored to the user level.
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12 key skills to become a human development coach

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12 key skills to become a human development coach

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