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15 of the most important skills of effective training

In an effective training process, The trainer must pay attention to the trainees to inform and master many of their skills, The most important of these skills to be embedded in the training process include:
    15 of the most important skills of effective training

15 of the most important skills of effective training

1- Each participant in the training process must listen and listen meaningfully, Any listening and speaking before speaking, So you understand what you need to respond.
2- Collecting information and facts related to the subject of training and the problems solved by training, The design and planning process for selecting training content is implemented.
Establishing and maintaining professional relationships with trainees and participants during the training process.
4- Adjusting vocabulary, choosing words, paying attention to reaction and explanation.
Using learning theory and the ability to diagnose problems to find solutions.
6- The coach should participate in the training process through discussion, interaction with the coach and gaining confidence.
7- The ability to talk about all topics related to the subject of training and linking it and provide psychological and moral support.
8. Based on a thoughtful identification of the needs of students in advance, Develop training plans and educational content for these plans to find and create solutions that meet these needs.
9- The ability to deal with each student appropriately according to the level of thinking and performance.
Conduct research, research, interpret results and write training reports.
11. Use the best negotiating, mediation and other scientific methods to master conflict and dispute resolution skills.
12- Establishing positive relationships with colleagues who train industry and other employees of the organization, He asked for their help when needed.
A positive relationship with external training institutions and funding institutions is needed to ensure the success of training and funding activities.
14- The trainer must have skills that speak and write clearly, and prepare training content to benefit others and teach them, Take advantage of different educational environments.
The ability to lead the group and participate in its activities
The author believes that it is useful to use simple research and surveys, And previous scientific research, and primary and secondary data, And agency leaders, And residents, And the observers, And quality experts, And the opinions of the trainees, And other scientific methods to “accurately identify training needs”. “The training content includes an accurate explanation of the types of skills and experiences that will be provided to trainees, It defines the responsibilities of anyone who participates in the training process (whether he is a supervisor, coordinator, coach or assistant coach.) and the tasks and responsibilities, the director of the institution or the head of the training department,
In order to agree on the content of the contract or training plan when considering the training process, and signed by all participants, and develop a training plan to set a specific timetable, And the training space and the requirements of training the financial plan, Such as training, education methods, training facilities, training rooms and special equipment as well as high-level trainers. Training depends on specific topics and objectives to be achieved through training, Training activities are accompanied by the evaluation process, And for each stage of training, Whether it’s designing an action plan, or the planning or evaluation stage, or implement the whole plan, In the development of work after the plan, It must be implemented according to the role, Based on the determination of the target, date and location, And approved funds, Then the final assessment to determine the advantages of supporting these assessments and compensating for the shortcomings of these assessments, So are development needs. Then write reports on the content of the training and evaluation results, So they can rely on it when asking for financial support, or conduct other training programs for trainees based on previous evaluations, Or request financial support, government and agencies to support future training
or take advantage of similar training programs in the future, To provide decision makers with information and data based on the training that has been conducted, So as to take the necessary measures to take such training to implement trained individuals or choose leaders who have passed the training, All funding is provided to develop an operational plan for the implementation of the training plan.
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15 of the most important skills of effective training

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