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Business Management Definition

The term business administration refers to the process of organizing and coordinating businesses and usually includes several processes including: Production of machinery and materials, financing, Innovation and marketing, Management responsible for planning, organizing, controlling and directing business resources to achieve public policy objectives. for organizations or companies. [1]

Business Branches

There are more than 20 business branches, Here’s an overview of some business specialty: [2]

Financial Management

is interested in finding a balance between the amount of profit and the risks that may occur, So that if the company faces some setbacks, The business is still profitable in the long run. This type of management includes planning, guidance and coordination with accounting, investment, banking, insurance, securities and other activities. Finance. [2]

Marketing Management

Focuses on the practical application of marketing techniques and management of the company’s resources. Good marketing management takes advantage of the company’s resources to expand the consumer base, and enhance their experience with the company, And increase the market value of the company. Marketing management, Including; analysis of competitors, and customer analysis, And brand management, And determine the price. [2]

Sales Management

This area focuses on the supervision and leadership of the sales team, Sales managers must direct salespeople to strengthen and strengthen relationships with potential customers and integrate them into existing accounts, Sales management is directly related to marketing. [2]

Service Department

This type of management varies by organization and position and focuses on managing and regulating the workflow where service managers need to understand and manage the costs and risks involved, In addition to the value of the service and its importance to the customer, Service management enables service providers to understand them. Services provided by companies and consumers. [2]

Human Resources Management

This type of management focuses on the recruitment and management of all employees in the company, including: Ensuring that employees feel safe and want to work in the company, And to provide services to staff, And to provide compensation, Other aspects of staff management. [2]

Other business branches

These branches include:

Business management levels

The size of the organization determines the number of administrative levels within it. The bigger the institution, The number of administrative levels has increased. There are 3 management levels in general, As follows:

Senior Management

Consists of a board of directors that develops policy and is responsible for guiding the company and its success, But he does not participate in the day-to-day affairs of the institution, Instead, these functions are delegated to an executive or general manager known as the Ceo. Other senior management tasks include:

Central Administration

related to the implementation of policies and plans determined by senior management and consisting of department heads and executives, Where middle management performs multiple tasks, Among them: [3]

Minimum management

This term applies to supervisors’ subordinates, office managers and department heads. Subordinate managers communicate directly with staff and their most important functions are: [3]

Business properties

To manage several properties, Among them: [4]

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Business Manager Jobs

The role of management requires identifying the core functions performed by all managers, As follows:


Business management has special methods and skills, Including planning, Where management determines the company’s objectives, Taking into account the current state of the company, its vision, and its mission, The assessment of available resources is done by: [5] [6]


The organizational phase includes many tasks, Such as: Allocating resources and recruiting the right staff in the right places to achieve pre-set goals, Managers in a particular department may need to collaborate with departments in other departments to create a production that motivates employees to complete the work environment, Managers must be able to restructure to deal with any new challenges as a timetable for project modification. [5] [6]


Leadership focuses on managing individuals and groups and motivating them to achieve organizational goals by issuing orders and directions. Successful leaders are those who use communication skills, are close to their team members and have different leadership styles, including: [5] [6]


During this phase, Managers assess the implementation of the plan and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the objectives are achieved, In addition to monitoring employee performance and quality of work, To make observations about the work done and to make recommendations for development, At this stage, material rewards can be provided to distinguished staff.

Business management study features

Obtaining a degree in business administration has many advantages as the importance of running a business in the labor market is indisputable, Including:

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