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General introduction to design:

Design courses are an art of fine arts, Any of its many branches, Design is the process of planning and creativity through a range of innovative and creative minds, Help them design products that fit reality.

Design is the creativity and innovation that we desperately need in our daily lives in order to achieve a particular goal, solve a problem or achieve a specific result.

3 courses in design 1 3 courses in design

Design courses:

Design courses offered by design experts to a group of students who want useful information in this field. There are many types of designs, And no one can master them all, People wishing to enter the design field must therefore clarify their desires and inclinations. care

With artistic design, In this category of design, The designer must have talent, creativity and wide imagination, This category includes the production of book covers, magazines, posters and greeting cards, There is another category of design with the design of electrical equipment and tools, Known as the design industry, home designers here must take a course called home design art or industrial design to acquire these skills, The last category of design includes the design of private commercial plates and warning panels, Like designing traffic lights. The design profession is called commercial design, On the other hand, the demand for such a design is high. courses as they move into business and profitable companies.

Magazines for design courses:

Designers excel in a number of areas when taking a range of design courses, one of the importants:

3 courses in design 2 3 courses in design

Courses in graphic design:

It is a design art based on a sense of creativity and this design introduces the field of engineering and creative drawing. Modern technology and graphic design found in our present reality in antiquity were used through ancient manuscripts found in Egypt, India and China, Which is heavily dependent on graphic design.

At present, This type of design has proved important and effective, with many graphic design training courses offered to help designers master advertising, animation, banners, posters, book covers, newspapers and public art. Magazines.

Courses in interior design:

The second category of design that offers many specialized courses is interior design, which is defined as a special space layout, which is an integral part of the efficiency of environmental design because it is closely related to humans and has deep roots in architecture and construction design contact.,This type of design is very modern. It was known at the beginning of the 20th century and was widely used in Europe, when it was called interior engineering, because it depends on the interior design of the space and building, and this design is linked to several key elements of the most important of these factors:

The location of the building.

The structural side of the building.

Architectural drawings.


And many other factors that designers should see and take into account.

Designers interested in this field usually take a series of training courses that will be useful in their future field, They can visit the site, which is implemented several times in order to learn practically and scientifically from the subject.

Those wishing to enter this field must have a sense of creativity as well as commercial awareness, This is absolutely necessary in this area. Designers here must have a spirit of teamwork and flexibility, They should also love cooperation. Be patient and satisfied. Forget that this type of design requires a high level of experience and each designer’s design is displayed electronically using an interior design computer program.


Drawing is the last type of major design for which the course is offered, There are a variety of tools used for painting, Traditional and modern. Graphite.

Those wishing to take courses in design related to painting should have a delicate and creative sense, Painting is nothing but a combination of passion and talent, In addition, you need to use the visual language that plays a role. A key role in creating 2D and 3D creative images by combining color and font. The form is different from the expressive image that expresses reality in an abstract and simple way.

The painter chooses his own paintings according to his talent and creative sense, He must not express his creativity and inner sense to present a beautiful visual painting that corresponds to reality.

The importance of training courses in design courses:

Design training courses are very important to raise the level of trainees, And increase the skills and expertise of trainees, And help create a spirit of cooperation and competition between trainees, Training courses help meet the needs of the labour market, Through such courses, Designers with experience in demand the market is working on it, And in the end, These courses are important for forming a strong team of designers specializing in the field.

Problems with design cycles:

Design courses face many problems, which is reflected in the lack of specialized trainers in a particular type of design, This in turn creates a wide gap because of the importance and specialization of each category. Another professional curriculum, The important issue is also reflected in the high financial cost of the curriculum, Which is difficult for all designers to follow because of the high cost of the curriculum.

In order to succeed and distinguish the design cycle, You should constantly seek to train designers professionally and effectively, Regardless of any other factor or motive.


At the end of this article, We’ve seen the general concepts of design courses, And the types of courses are design courses, And the importance of these courses, We raised the most important issues facing such as design courses.

3 courses in design 3 3 courses in design

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