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3 key steps to plan the training phase

We must understand the concept of the plan, Combining the goals, requirements and functions available to achieve the best results, It is a set of processes and procedures identified according to functions that can achieve the desired objectives.
    3 key steps to plan the training phase

3 key steps to plan the training phase

Why are you planning the training?

The training process plan is to formulate a complete training policy and turn it into a training plan to achieve training objectives within the available capacity, Through the training and planning process, many training problems have emerged in the planning process.

Training problems and obstacles

The questioner and researcher spoke of the reasons for the failure of training to play a role in development that hinders the prosperity of training and prevents it from playing a role in our contemporary lives. We may be in the process of planning training in official institutions or we are in many institutions, government departments and government agencies.

Some of the most prominent issues in government agencies include:

  • The training budget has shrunk and there is a lack of funds to start training.
  • Lack of suitable places for the training process, For lack of modern audio-visual supplies, And its lack of libraries with rich scientific programs, And its lack of libraries rich in scientific programs that help to exchange and clarify information, It lacks publications and periodicals.
  • In the training process, Both senior management and individuals themselves lack faith, Because some people think that the training process is nothing more than entertainment and not an investment.
  • Some employee officials are dissatisfied with their follow-up and evaluation system.
  • There is no connection between the staff plan and the training plan, Because the training plan only serves the individual and helps achieve these goals, It ignores linking the promotion to the results of training.
  • In addition to the policy of not adopting rewards and penalties on training results, There is also a lack of interest in or shortcomings in training incentives.
  • Priorities.
  • Other departments are not open to training departments.
  • The Ministry of Development and Training often finds that no material, human or spatial capabilities are allowed to implement all plans, This requires them to identify data on training precedents so that training plans and activities can be implemented on specific priorities.

The concept of planning for training activity

The success of the training process depends on its ability to complete the task, If there is no appropriate and structured plan, The task cannot be completed. Planning training activities is to predict the future needs of training work, Then develop a plan to meet these needs, Because this is the stage of thinking before any training work is carried out.

Training planning includes key steps:

  1. Understand and calculate requirements.
  2. Training policies and plans.
  3. Generalization and improvement of training

In order for the planning process for training to proceed properly in accordance with its overall objectives, important elements must be provided to the planners, as follows:

  • The agency’s directive sets out the general framework.
  • The calendar mentions previous training plans to select different observations and try to avoid them in the new plan.
  • Information that includes:
  • The level and profession of workers is available to all.
  • Job description and description of the experience that the incumbent should get for each job.
  • Report on the inability and performance levels of workers.
  • Available training places and management readiness status.
  • An individual who is entitled to act as a trainer according to a training plan.
  • Budget and financial allocations.
  • Learn in advance about the types of activities that the organization needs.
  • Tracking reports and training evaluations, trainers and trainees to monitor the development of training and promotion, These elements help identify training needs.

3 key steps to plan the training phase 1 3 key steps to plan the training phase

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3 key steps to plan the training phase

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