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Outstanding training must have many features and we can say that there are 3 features of outstanding training:

Or not: The self-speaking feature of love says:

It doesn’t matter what you love, but what’s important is that you love what you do.

Secondly: The willful feature that speaks for itself says:

(The path to success is open and easy for anyone with will and determination.)

Third: Responsibility trait

Then you’ll be responsible for all your stuff.

That is, being able to do everything on your own.

Guidelines for teachers to access outstanding training:

Good preparation and see the trainer’s bag.

Make sure all the necessary tools are available and that everything is in place before the separation begins.

Where possible, Group trainees according to their specialties.

Each group determines its process to write standardized answers.

Some students randomly choose to submit scientific materials.

Distribute clear and colorful pens to write unified answers, which are then displayed to other groups.

Groups are displayed after the end of each activity.

Wander between groups during the event for supervision and follow-up.

View the scientific material of the distribution activity after the group.

Make sure you set up and keep the plan going.

Start on time and get to know your students.

Explain the objectives of the course and focus on the needs of the learner.

Be creative from the beginning to the end of the cycle.

Focus on personal relationships, be humble, don’t pretend to know, and be a role model for students.

Take care of verbal and non-verbal interaction.

Encourage students to ask questions and share experiences.

Turning knowledge into skills, Stay away from the details and focus on the main points.

The types of methods and training methods.

Don’t literally read me from the note.

Accept criticism, be patient and act intelligently in critical situations.

Instructions for students to access outstanding training:

Be involved in all activities.

Respect the ideas of the trainer and colleagues.

If necessary, Politely criticized the ideas of the coach and colleagues.

Make sure you invest time.

Accept your role in the group.

Motivate your group members to participate in activities.

Make sure you build good relationships with trainers and colleagues.

Take care of what you teach in the course and apply it in the field.

The most important activities and training methods to reach outstanding training:

Discussion (individual, Collective).


Individual applications, And collective.

Lecture (if necessary).

Case study.

My mind was blown.

Training methods that must be present in training to reach outstanding training:

The top projector.

Transparent paper – colored pens or white blackboard.

Hold responsible.

Data Show.

Blackboard – unsteady colored pens.

The difference between old and modern training should be clarified:

Old: Pay attention to the knowledge and ignore the training elements, And just pay attention to the coach’s efforts, Only unilaterally (coach).

Spoken language focuses on skills acquisition, focusing on all elements of training (trainer, trainee, program, environment) for the effort between the trainer and the trainee.

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