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3 The most important skills for effective training

Training is the human activity planned for him and aspiring to give the trainees the convictions, skill experiences and basic knowledge with a view to achieving a transformation in the activities of personalities and organizations in order to achieve deliberate purposes.
    3 The most important skills for effective training

3 The most important skills for effective training

The definition of training is divided into three basic groups:

1. Classic destinations:

(a) The modern staff have been flexible and informed of the policy and activities of the organization in which they will operate.
(b) To provide the employee throughout the service function with specific information or expertise when introducing developments in the methods and methods of work or in regulations and laws.

2. Problem-solving purposes:

When the employees of the facility face unresolved problems, then it is the role of exercise in the search for the finest methods that the employees cooperate in overcoming these problems.

3. Creative purposes :

And it’s what you’re aiming at. High rates of To make the effort , By using scientific methods Advanced, elements Unique can update , innovate and innovate The need to exercise for characters calculates exercise as a strategic choice for any A side that you’re begging for. Equipping cadres Humanity can meet the needs of effort progresses and constant changes that It takes place in Voltage yards.
    Training quality standards
And adaptable and trained During the service job, there’s a great need as a result of what he’s preparing. Exercise for the employee of modern skilled science and experience required by his profession, or By You Know Him On The most effective answers to the problems he faces During his career. Which adds to it that we were able to doing his job and helping him avoid mistakes,
To this extent and the standard to which any area that tries to promote and develop is reached.
The rapid transformation in all arenas of life is the hallmark of our time, but the speed of that transformation almost shocks many, both individually and corporately.
As a result of these differences , it was necessary to respond to them by transferring the jobs of companies of all kinds, shapes and sizes, The training institutions in any society are the first of any other companies to correct the courses of the nature of the times and respond to the transformations that sweep the different fields of life.

The impact of technology on the training process

One of the great change that characterizes our contemporary world is this massive technological revolution and the huge technological prosperity that we are experiencing at all levels.
And it had to be methods Exercise to respond. For that technical revolution of On the one hand to reflect its programs, decisions and activities vehicles of those technological and thus transport them to Effort yards to contemporary uses modern technology and what enables its users to Adapting to the nature of the effort they are assigned to and therefore the Exercise responds from inventors And the goods of this technological revolution in Activate his activities And facilitate and achieve its goals.
And in view of the big changes that the world community is witnessing as the data age and communication revolution enter, the need is diamond in That very age to Software update Training companies for you These differences are matched, and that’s what’s coming here. And there’s a replay. Sight in the content of the training process and its objectives and means including The trainee is allowed in every Education rates make the most of contemporary media and technological tools in taking advantage of Exercise including He can gain knowledge. And the skilled experiences that are consistent with the nature of the era we live in.
The computer calculates one of the most prominent secretions of the contemporary technological revolution, which can be used whatever it benefits in the field of training, and this technology has been effectively invested from many pillars in modernizing the abundant amount of aspects of the training process and facilitating the abundant amount of tasks.

3 The most important skills for effective training

Training is at the heart of the development process, and companies are now competing with the importance they give to training in their work style in the quality and levels of training programs.
With regard to the percentage of the budget it allocates to exercise its human resources,
Where the name of man has changed in the world of contemporary effort , from employed to human resource,
So specialists are competing to maximize the price of this human being in his work, where above economists called the head of human ownership,
Accountants called it “human origins.”
It was identified by contemporary and renewed utility scientists (head of cognitive ownership ).
In this way, these trends developed with scientific and technological leadership and the data and communications revolution at the beginning of the twenty-first century changed the system of effort,
So he became Attention to creativity and dealing with Steady changes to the point of The benefit has adapted the conversion procedures to achieve comprehensive excellence led by distinguished administrators. Added That’s why yesterday’s organizations changed to Companies for her Intuitive and specific purposes and network organizational structure Responsive ,
and managed in a business-interest way ,
In addition to transforming administrative leadership into a planning context that moves from adjustment to steady revision, however, to the preventive and development body,
This refers to training, which is one of the pillars of steady adjustment that has gone beyond the conduct of training courses and the granting of certificates of attendance and has been a strategic choice in the human resources investment and development system.
At that station, we seek to highlight the style or style and how to equip an educational course.
So that the practice of this mission is realistic, scientific and rational.

Steps to prepare a training course

While the training format is equipped, it contains the identification of training purposes, approved methods and components of the training process,
Whether the course stems from the general management of the administrative unit or from the management of the forces that operate , training, rehabilitation and their programs… Or it was in response to an emergency…
The steps necessary that can be done Symmetrical to a barrier and it starts from the same scientific logic of The purposes and roads allocated by the system Training from Identifying training needs such as those Company and teams Effort and working person. Needs check In addition, the collection and analysis of training needs in the sense of He’s doing it . Basic coordination tasks between All preparations related to the training process.
The other thing, in Jablawi’s opinion, depends on examining the collective needs that are useful for collecting data on the progress of effort and the competencies now available in the departments, directorates or structures intended for their projects on the moderate domain,
And about its needs for competencies and possibilities to accomplish its work and about the diversity of the required competencies.
The other need of opinion is for people in the departments to contribute to it, i.e. the structures and the educational authority that are qualified to determine the purposes and preferences associated with the department, structure, training tonic and responsible for individuals in the final period.
Parallel to collective needs, but the examination of individual needs must take place in parallel with collective needs,
And in a way that everyone can express their own or professional project,
And to analyze and take into account under a comprehensive planning that allows it to be implemented through the appreciation conference,
This confrontation results in agreement on the personal orientations of the one, which is concerned with revising his or her competencies, preparing for promotions, acquiring new preparation and training, or possibly restoring the transfer of competence.

Reasons for training:

Trainees :

Sight is required in the ages, gender, level of education and experience of trainees.

Attention to training conditions:

Training time, training headquarters, facilitation and available materials, number of trainees. • Training article.

• Effective trainer skills .

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3 The most important skills for effective training
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