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The training bag is a training content in a different field/field that is used by a trainer to achieve specific goals. The training bag includes literature, illustrations, samples, training methods, training session plans and supplements collected from sources or through the reality of field practical experiences and experiences.

Self-confidence is one of the most important characteristics you should enjoy in life, They are the key to recognizing your personal value, knowing yourself and establishing a social personality that really suits you.

A person who trusts himself and his own ability is someone who must take responsibility, And when he takes charge, will inevitably become the focus of the attention of others and the people around him, So he’s a special person. Someone who depends on him in times of crisis and even in normal and normal times.

3 training bags on self-development

People must take responsibility for themselves and the society in which they live. Responsibility is the ability to take the ability of the individual first, The commitment is thus fulfilled through the efforts of the individual.

One of the motives of human life is the development of human beings for themselves from all aspects of life, Whether biological or moral, to achieve happiness and job satisfaction.
No matter how much a person learns ways of success and self-development, If his self-esteem and assessment of himself are weak, he will not succeed in taking any of those ways of success, because he sees himself as incapable, unworthy and undeserving of that success, And development is not born with man, It is gained from his life experiences and the way he reacts to the challenges and problems of his life.

3 training bags on self-development 1 3 training bags on self-development

Here’s a description of the training package that we’re happy to offer you, We ask God to make you happy, benefit you and meet your training needs:

E-learning environments bag :

Bag axes:

About the bag:

2- Bag self-affirmation skills:

Bag axes:

About the bag:

The concept of self-affirmation skills is the ability of a person to express his feelings, ideas and beliefs at all times and in the presence of anyone else, even if he has authority or high status, and knows that he deserves all the success and all appreciation. Conditioner. It is against everything around it, but in a way that is far from being aggressive and insulting to the other party.

3- Steam bag for students:

5 steps to prepare a successful training bag

Bag axes:

Due to the different training needs between the trainers, the length of the training courses, the number of days and the continuity of theoretical and practical development at the request of the preparatory group, a model of the training bag hub was prepared with the content in line with the training market.

About the bag:

The main pillars that resonate with STEM education are:

  1. Learning is a constructive and open process.
  2. Motives and beliefs are an integral part of perception.
  3. Social interaction is the basis of cognitive development.
  4. Learning derives from situational knowledge, strategies and experiences.

Stem-based curricula, activities and teaching strategies must be designed in an innovative and scientific way to help students understand the keys to different sciences in a simple and accessible way, in an interactive, integrated and environmentally open way, In the context of the current knowledge and skills of learners, Provides learners with the quality skills to expand their impact on the environment. his daily life.

Areas of work and jobs provided by STEAM for students

Since steam learning system focuses most of its attention on the four scientific fields, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts, It helps students develop their skills and knowledge in these fields of science and knowledge.

This helps them better prepare them for future jobs in these areas.

Engineering, technical and scientific functions include:

Examples include all professional medical functions, all professional engineering jobs, science, space, astronomy, technology, electronics and computer programming functions.

and many other functions and areas, which gives our children the opportunity to work in the areas they aspire to, and satisfy their passion for science and knowledge, and help them achieve their ambitions.

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