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Project implementation stages:

Stages of the project

The life cycle of the project consists of several stages as follows:

Feasibility study: At this point, Ideas about the project are created and their relevance and feasibility are verified.

Planning: Move ideas to the planning stage to clarify the project objectives, related activities, and categories to benefit from. Priority statement. Make an alternative plan. Approve the plan. Implementation begins.

Resource allocation: In order to study the necessary financial and human resources; In addition to customizing individuals, Providing all the necessary equipment and financial resources for the project, The team by role is also required.

Implemented: Where it begins to be implemented, remember that its importance appears during this phase; with the necessary improvements;

Surveillance: Make sure it goes the right way according to plan, which helps provide the necessary information about performance levels, Identify deviations based on a comparison between actual performance and plan, Follow-up of the activities and financial resources of the task force. All and the extent to which the desired goal is achieved.

Evaluated: is an objective and systematic measurement; In addition to its success and performance, Keeping in mind that this helps determine whether it is planned and implemented. On three entrances, Which: Evaluating objectives, evaluating procedures and evaluating results.

How to build training activities within the course

Difficulties and challenges in project management

Any management process faces two major challenges. Completing it at the specified cost and time is one of the first challenges faced by any project manager. Apart from achieving the best and most appropriate scenario for him, This is one of the biggest and most ambitious challenges because the best scenario indicates the ability to allocate the inputs required to achieve predetermined goals.

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