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The concept of the training bag

5 sections for training bag components 1 5 sections for training bag components

The training bag is a concept that reflects an operational plan for the actual training process, The preparation of scientific materials, activities and procedural steps required for implementation in accordance with the objectives of the training.

Trainers use training content in different areas to achieve specific goals. The training bag includes publications, illustrations, educational means, training methods, training plans, training lesson plans and supplements, which are collected at the source or through actual practical and field experience. Training package by a series of steps and processes.

Components of the training bag:

5 sections for training bag components 2 5 sections for training bag components

1: Package key:

This section contains elements related to the definition, objectives, importance, documentation and content of the package.

2: The contents of the theoretical training framework of the training package:

This section contains information, concepts, concept maps and experiences to help the trainee understand the subject of the package and the ability to perform basic applications. This part is divided into training units, Each includes the following elements:

1- The goal of unity.

The main topics addressed by the Unit.

Definition and basic concepts of the subject of unity.

Targeted education and training experience.

5- A conceptual map showing the elements of cognitive content.

Educational means and educational means.

3: Practical application of training content and training bag:

This section is reflected in the training content that follows the division of training units and includes the following elements in each training module: A training course that includes the training activities required to achieve the objectives of the course within a specified time frame, It takes 20 to 100 minutes. Courses include:

4: Evaluation of training packages:

This section includes tools to evaluate training content and metrics to measure the achievement of training package objectives. Includes previous and subsequent tests, and tool training packages to measure trends in knowledge, skills, and the goals gained by the trainees, Measure the suitability of the components of the training package. Training strategies, training tools and educational materials to help achieve the objectives of the training bag.

This section includes the following training bags:

5: Sources of learning and accompanying materials:

This section includes educational means and educational materials accompanying the package, While ensuring that scientific material and training content are improved to help trainers and trainees achieve the objectives of the training bag, The following include an effective training package:

A- Content: Images, shapes and models needed for clarification and application.

B- Electronic slides.

C- Electronic projectors.

Interactive educational materials. Electronic scientific reference material for the training bag.

5 sections for training bag components 3 5 sections for training bag components

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