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The training bag is defined as training content in an area that the trainer uses to achieve a set of pre-set goals.

The training package contains a collection of literature and illustrations, In addition to supporting tools, methodologies and training programs, Collected through one or more sources through real-world practical experience and field experience.

The training bag is one of the tools used in training, It is a guide to a range of actions that trainers and trainees can use to achieve training objectives.

What is the concept of training bags?

Training is an organized activity aimed at bringing about a series of changes in individuals and groups through training.

What is the main purpose of the training package?

The training bag is designed to achieve a number of basic goals, one of the importants:

What are the types of training bags?

Training packages contain a range of types that vary by purpose, design, and content, Training activity, subject matter, We will discuss these types below.

5 types of training bags 1 5 types of training bags

1. In terms of use:

Coach pack, Coach pack, which contains the trainer’s equipment, Student package, which includes the equipment that the trainee will use in training, Comprehensive package, Which includes all training equipment.

2. In terms of design:

Training bags are divided into integrated packages, self-packages, electronic packages and multi-software packages in terms of design.

From the content point of view:

The training bag is divided into one training package and a multi-unit training package in terms of content.

In terms of training activities:

Training bags are divided into customized training packages and various training packages.

5. In terms of topics:

Training bags are divided into educational packages and training packages by subject.

What are the components of the training bag?

The training package consists of five parts, We’ll get to know them below:

Training bag key: In addition to the content of the training bag, This section contains all the elements related to the training package, And what the training bag is trying to achieve, and document it.

Theoretical training: Is the theoretical framework of the training package that contains all the information to help the trainee understand the subject of the package and the ability to perform basic applications.

Training content: is the practical application of the training bag, This section is divided by training units, Because each training unit contains training courses, This includes all training activities required to achieve the expected objectives of the training package within a specified period of time.

TemTraining Package: This section includes tools to evaluate training content and measure metrics to achieve the objectives of the training package.

Sources of learning and supportive educational materials: This column is an important column, This column includes how educational means work, As well as the educational materials that come with the training bag, To ensure the enrichment of scientific materials and training content. Help trainers and students understand the goal development package. Train.

5 types of training bags 2 5 types of training bags

What are the characteristics of training bags?

The training package has many features, Let’s take a look at these features:

Systematic: The training bag is an integrated system integrated with a range of objectives that the bag is trying to provide, Includes a variety of activities and experiences, A feedback training package that helps achieve goals.

Methodology: Methodology is an important feature of training facts, This package must be designed according to a specific, scientific and structured approach.

Use multimedia and multimedia technologies: Multiple media and techniques should be used while using the training package.

Focus on the training process and its results: This is one of the most important features that should be in the training bag.

What are the quality standards for training bags?

So that the training bags are good, You must meet quality standards, The most prominent are:

What are the advantages of training bags?

The training bag has several advantages, most notably:

Multiple methods used in training packages: The many methods used in training bags are among the most important and prominent things used in training bags: Videos And audio tapes, computers, flyers, models, transparency, Etc.

realism: Realism is one of the most important features that should be in the training package, The content and topics of the package must be objective and training can be conducted on real-world issues related to or are related to the current trainee job. You will work in the future profession. Used in training packages similar to real-world tools, The training method must simulate working conditions in a logical and realistic way.

What are the steps to prepare training bags?

For training bags to succeed, It must be prepared in several steps, Which:

Reality analysis determines trainee levels: Before you start preparing training facts, It is necessary to search for the location of the events in order to understand the level of trainees participating in these packages.

Choose a way to organize training content in the package: The content of the package must be organized according to the trainee so that the training bag achieves the goals for which it was prepared and designed.

Choose training methods and supportive activities: It is necessary to choose a unique training method, and adapting to students, And to carry out activities appropriate to the inclinations of students.

Select the accompanying educational tools and materials that will be used in training: Then select the tools to be trained and the materials that will accompany the training.

Determine the method of evaluation: This is one of the most important steps in preparing the training bag, A clear way to successful evaluation must be developed.

Organizing the components of training bags and building training activities: When researchers prepare training packages, They must organize the components of these bags and then structure the training activities correctly.

Taking training bags based on analysis data and selecting them scientifically in accordance with quality standards: Training data is an important step in preparing training materials, Because these training bags are conducted according to various analysis processes.

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