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Preparing and choosing the place of training between the relationship between the trainee and the trainer and the equipment, the location and technical ass.

6 of the most important considerations when preparing and selecting the training place:

1- The relationship between trainees and trainers:

Preparation of equipment:

3- Factors to consider when choosing and preparing the gym:

4- Things to consider when preparing and preparing the training site:

5. The form of sitting trainees:

How important is it to prepare the trainee’s seating position during the training process?

The form of small groups:

It only allows for good interaction between group members, deprives members of one group of communication and communicates with other groups and requires considerable space.

2. Semi-ring shape:

The coach can communicate with anyone he wants, But there are few opportunities for communication between coaches.

3. Oval shape:

Does not provide the required level of effective communication between trainees, Where some people have good communication with others, Others are denied this means of communication.

4. U-shape:

It is very common for communication opportunities to be inadequate, participants are active, others are weakened, and enough space is needed to ensure mobility.

5. Square shape:

Communication is a little weak in terms of effectiveness, With a strong two-way connection between the coach and the next trainee, But there is little contact between the corresponding trainee, Especially at great distances.

6. Circular shape:

It is one of the most effective forms of communication at the training group level and is widely used in participatory training.

What is the theory of the jashatlet

7. Matrix shape:

A traditional model used in information-based training programmes, Like lectures.

8. Parallel shape:

It is used on a small group scale, With poor communication between trainees and strong communication with trainers.

9. Runway shape:

A common model for large and medium-sized groups does not allow for effective communication between trainees.

10. Free sitting:

Communication between trainees is weak and is used in individual tasks (examinations) that require distance between one trainee and another.

11. Shape of fish bone:

Communication between members of the same group is strong, Communication between groups is relatively good, They can move freely in the hall and form working groups easily.

6- Training and technical assistance materials:

to develop and develop the skills and competencies of their communities and development associations in financial management and other technical aspects, The community development programme carries out a range of training, capacity-building, site selection and the production of two series of training materials and technical assistance as follows:

Developmental Practitioner Guide Series:

This series aims to provide development practitioners with practical guidance on the implementation of community development activities.

Trainer’s Guide Series:

The series aims to provide trainers with guidelines, content and methods to enable them to plan, implement, follow up and organize training activities related to community development.

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