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Training problems are the dark face of the training process, although training is important and necessary to provide it, the training process suffers from some problems, defects and obstacles.

Yes There are some flaws in training, Among them is the high cost of training and the need for off-duty time, which affects the workflow, The head of the company may not provide the right time, In addition to poor quality training. Depending on the qualifications of the trainer, The company may not improve the selection of trainers, Which leads to the company not achieving the training objectives

6 of the most prominent training problems and solutions 1 6 of the most prominent training problems and solutions

The first problem of training problems:

Each company uses the same trainer. Imagine the next scenario with me. Imagine that there is only one company in your business that offers sales training. Their approach seems strong and they have a strong reputation and claim to be able to cover all the sales skills that need to be improved. In addition It has received good ratings from many competitors. Is it what company you might emulate? Yes or no?

Okay, If all you can do is provide your employees with the same training as your competitors, You keep developing your employees after all, But where is your competitive advantage? Instead of doing so, You need some way to move forward in the competition.

Solving the first problem of training problems:

Solution: If you can analyze your training needs accurately, You should be able to design a solution that gives you a competitive advantage over others. Does your sales team need general sales training, Or do you need to improve one or two areas? For example Pay or increase premium trades?

Don’t be afraid to hear from small sellers who seem to offer more specialized solutions. By recruiting professionals who focus on limited skills, You can build a team that excels in competing in your primary area of interest.

6 of the most prominent training problems and solutions 2 6 of the most prominent training problems and solutions

The second problem of training problems:

2. Low performance training instead of high performance

Training is almost always about developing many people’s weaknesses, Not strengths. That makes sense. If we can get a majority of four to seven, This must be a greater gain than having a few high performers from eight to ten. However, This idea is wrong. I heard about rule 80/20: In business, 80% of output comes from 20% of inputs. This means that most of your profits come from a few high-performing employees.

One of the most common training problems is one of the most common problems in training, They are largely ineffective. High performers usually do the basics unconsciously and are likely to absorb some new skills before general training.

They also come up with their own methods that work well for them, But they often do not correspond to standard methods.

Solving the second problem of training problems:

Solution: Spending time and money to move most companies from “average” to “good” won’t give you the rewards of big developing companies. For example You may think about getting your best employees advanced sales training to go from good to great.

Keep in mind hiring a senior coach to work closely with your best performing staff. In any company, It’s the performers who really lead the results, Every pound spent on improving their skills will yield a strong return on investment.

The third problem of training problems:

3. Training does not include staff only for employees to actually learn something, Training should be fun and (at least in part) fun. Vocational training is often boring and eventually becomes tacky.

Many training courses take the form of meetings, Staff end up feeling non-integration. When employees are not really excited about training, They don’t learn. They may resent that, Maybe it’s because they’re forced to learn.

Solving the third problem of training problems:

Solution: Carefully choose trainers and programs that inspire and motivate. If you can, Look for testimonials and comments from the audience. Don’t sell too early without looking at actual training experience reports – with some research, It won’t be too difficult to filter ineffective programs.

6 of the most prominent training problems and solutions 3 6 of the most prominent training problems and solutions

The fourth problem of training problems:

4. Training is not to learn unfortunately, Most corporate training programs rely on very old educational principles. It’s not as simple as getting an employee to learn 20 hours of materials and some practices, He then returns to work with a new and integrated set of skills. Education experts know that learning happens over time, And over time, Repetition, practice, support and feedback. If you want your employees to retain and develop the skills acquired through training, They should be able to continue learning in the job.

Solving the fourth problem of training problems:

Solution: Give your team the opportunity to take advantage of what they have learned. This means that your company needs to make a practical effort to support and implement new skills. Choose a provider that provides follow-up services, Or at least materials and guidance to continuously develop skills in the work environment.

Ask specifically how vendors ensure employees develop these skills after hours. You should consider vague or weak answers, “They’ll get everything they need to know on our way.”

The fifth problem of training problems:

5. The employee does not benefit from training after the training is completed. Ideally, The trainer will have experience as a manager in the type of company they provide training for. These trainers understand the skills needs of staff and speak their language. However, These trainers are relatively rare, As a matter of fact Most trainers are from an educational or psychology background and have worked as a teacher in one way or another throughout their careers. Few have extensive business or management experience.

As a result, They often speak a different language than employees. If your team comes back from training and it looks frustrating, Or I heard whispers of “bad training,” This means that you chose the wrong seller.

Solving the fifth problem of training problems:

Solution: Deal with trainers who really speak the same language as your employees. When you think about sharing the resource, Ask yourself, “Do you, do these people really understand our work? “

If they seem to be from a purely training background, They may not be able to communicate well with your team – which means poor learning and inability to enhance skills after learning.

The sixth problem of training problems:

6. Poor training training must be well suited to staff. Millions of pounds of training costs are wasted each year because participants are trained in the wrong skills, or on the right skills at the wrong time.

The directors or owners of the organization determine poor performance, But they do not take the time to think and determine the real reasons behind the poor performance. It might be good to spend money on general problem-solving training — for example, Involve everyone in team building exercises, Or learn “personal skills.” But rarely does this comprehensive approach work.

Solving the sixth problem of training problems:

Solution: Focus on your organization’s training needs. Who needs training and what exactly do you want? Will they be able to learn and apply these skills immediately after training, Or will they wait a year for a chance to use it?

Careful needs analysis before enrolling employees in a training program can significantly improve roI.

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