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6 The most important objectives and importance of e-training

Developments in the ICT arenas have brought about a qualitative shift or what is known as international transformations that have affected all educational procedures, particularly those linked to school methods, education and training methods.
If it leads Those transformations to the emergence of Modern mechanisms in Ways to acquire knowledge and skilled experiences and in Methods , transportation and generation strategies. And it’s easy. At the headquarters of the recruitment and adaptation of communication and information technology to reduce the gap of social and cultural differences, and to overcome the constraints Time, position and scarcity of resources Humanity.
    6 The most important objectives and importance of e-training

6 The most important objectives and importance of e-training

What is e-training :

E-training can be understood as the process in which the development of interactive environmental conditions is completed rich in applications based on computer technology, networks and various media, which enable the trainee to achieve the objectives of the training process by interacting with its sources, and therefore in the shortest possible time, and with the smallest fatigue, And with the highest quality rates without adhering to the limits of position and time.

It is also the provision of training and educational programmes through various electronic methods, including simultaneous or asynchronous rolling discs and the Internet, and the adoption of the principle of self-training or training with the assistance of a trainer.
As he knows on the basis that any training process uses the Internet (local network, The International Network ) to identify and provide electronic bags or interact with trainees whether it is in a consistent or non-parallel manner or led by the coach or without a trainer or a mixture of all of this.

And the training is From a distance , one Forms of electronic training which is Represented in the training process in which the trainee is separated or away from Trainer at a geographical distance Usually completes its dam Using modern communication tools and methods. It also enables the trainee to achieve education and benefit from the training process in all its aspects without moving to the training site It is possible for trainers to deliver Data and interaction with trainees without moving to them Just like it is. The trainee authorizes that He distinguishes his training program in accordance with Working conditions Adaptable and available training He has to train without Need to stop Effort or Abandon social connections.

The difference between e-training and e-learning

We say he doesn’t. There’s a difference between them. Through the climate of e-learning So they’re both. lacks the necessary topics in any Electronic learning system And also the virtual and machine class system. Sign up and enter, As the difference is embodied clearly and manifestly in the mechanism Performing e-learning on students or trainees, E-learning Related to the school and university facility Teachers remain and students, quarterly tests and attendance are available Fred and others.

Teachers are required to follow the efforts of their students during the semester through the LMS e-learning benefit approach, and therefore to take over duties, answer students and interact directly between students and teachers by educational activities such as conversation, forums, wikis, etc.

Summary :

All the concepts that We’d like to apply it in E-training is for Subjecting the entry, presence and passing of trainees Tests automatically No interference. one of the managers or teachers , It is carried out by all Those missions are a mechanism. Implement content training in The learning body system.

And other That’s going to. It’s not about hiring. About fifty teachers to follow 5000 trainees, Here All topics occur automatically until they receive an electronic certificate (certificate Coming, Degree or destiny certificate )This moment the e-learning sports team at Smart Method company develops these technologies through MOODlE system to become the first e-learning service of that degree and standard in the world.

The importance of e-training and its objectives:

Its importance:

1. The trainee is the controller of the educational process , while the trainer is content to guide the trainee.

2. Trainees participating in the educational process ( positive training).

3. The trainee can reach the training bag at the right time and time.

4. Electronic training creates an interactive link between trainees and trainers

5. Use all available auxiliary methods and use dysfunctional training items.

6. Reducing the value of training and raising the merits of trainees

Its objectives:

1. Learn the meaning or concept of e-training.

2. Help trainees use the data technology, communications and networks available for e-learning to study and review programs, curricula and training courses.

3. Strategy of training programs, methods and decisions in a digital way .

4. Preparing trainees for life in the age of information culture.

5. Victory over the problems of traditional training methods.

6. Know the basics and metrics through which developments can be done to improve the exercise system.

How to switch from traditional to e-training:

To shift from traditional to e-training, attention is required:

Planning for the training system:

It’s a process. Strategic System Training is a responsibility. A lot of beneficiaries in the first place. The biggest, and it makes it easier. This process is having Professional in exercise, university and college professors, And technology professionals. If you don’t. The exercise strategy is considered to be completed independently of The abundant amount of sides. Just like His strategy didn’t It is considered to be completed independently of the directions Development Plans of the Republic diverse, In particular that systems Future training open systems The local community participates. As part of the preparation for the exercise system, the need for electronic training is also needed, and determine his public and private purposes .

Training :

And it’s aimed at it the method and how it Ends through it a translation Plans, strategies and strategies And the actions that have been described in Preparation period to meet and complete established purposes For exercise. The performance of training relates to the composition of E-Training Club,

Which is made up of :

  • Some managers of training departments.
  • Designers of training programs.

A number of technicians in arenas: data technology, programming, networks, And the security of information whose efforts are integrated with academic and educational technicians.

E-training takes place in a virtual atmosphere, allowing for a kind of compliance and freedom to choose the location and time of the training.

It requires This curriculum set up sites Training requirements Electronic training style and media Which includes : Internet, media Variety, chapters Skilled, programs E-training The incident .Just as it writes off in the course of e-training the choice of a president The training club has the ability and competence to manage such That pattern, and you’re He’s got to be able to get the public viewing ready. To practice, considering the training telegram based on its objectives.

3. E-training calendar

The training evaluation process is based on a set of basics, metrics and indicators on which updates can be spent to improve the training approach and shape its future strategies,

These include:

  • Identifying the near and far training objectives and their clarity.
  • Coverage and continuity of the evaluation process.
  • The correlation and consistency of the components of the training format.
  • Integration and quality of past and subsequent training activities.
6 The most important objectives and importance of e-training
    6Th most important training methods for the development of the work environment
6 The most important objectives and importance of e-training

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6 The most important objectives and importance of e-training

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