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7 Most important elements of the training process

The concept or term “training” of the training process is one of the most important elements for the development and formation of generations and helping individuals develop in various fields through the direct training process 
    7 Most important elements of the training process

7 Most important elements of the training process

Training has  various fields of culture, science, exploration, politics and humanity, as well as many other social areas have developed many personal ideas. in society.

What are the most important elements of the direct training process

The training process is an important key element that helps to develop human resources, especially members of society, The most important of these elements are:

  1. The trainer or commander is responsible for the training process.
  2. Team or coach training.
  3. Course or training plan, activity content and different areas.
  4. Appropriate training sites and venues for training.
  5. Design programs, activities and training in various fields.
  6. All different activities and training areas are carried out through planning and pre-training courses.
  7. One of the most important elements of the direct training process is to encourage trainees and receive rewards, leading to the success of the training process.

 The importance of the training process

  • In all areas of education and practice, The direct training process is very important in the field of education and education.
  • Through vocational and detailed training to provide students and students with training plans to develop their culture, sciences and exploratory ideas, In practice, safety and public health concepts are explained and clarified in the production and production process.

Conditions to be met in selecting the coach who performs the training process

Trainers and leaders who choose to conduct the training process must meet certain conditions and characteristics, The most important are:

  • He must have the ability and desire to perform the training process.
  • He must possess certain qualities such as seriousness, wisdom and skill.
  • They should be motivated and rewarded so that they focus solely on tasks in the training process.
  • He has experience, ability, seriousness and a lot of experience.
  • It has the ability to analyze personality and attitude as quickly as possible.
  • Be social, And not introverted, Which helps him take on more responsibilities.

Methods and methods taken by the trainer during the training process

In the training process, the trainer adopted some modern and advanced methods and methods, including:

  • Presentation of lectures and educational seminars for large and small groups.
  • Apply any site or physical example to easily access and enjoy the topic and text at the same time.
  • By following the modern training program, It will happen himself and his knowledge.
  • diagnoses and represents every role and every specific situation and explains the collective roles and cooperation, This method can build many relationships based on love, kindness and cooperation.

Training stages

The training process contains many stages and steps that can help professional trainers achieve success and excellence, The most important of these stages are:

  • Setting goals and striving to achieve the success and excellence that coaches and trainees alike seek.
  • Coordinate and organize the direct training process to facilitate access to topical ideas and topics by all levels and social groups.
  • Preparing all training plans related to the training process, So is the training process development plan.
  • Implement the training process and implement it according to the design and plan developed.
  • Testing and evaluating the student team, Then motivate and encourage them through tests and final assessments.

The training process is the basis of success and excellence

  • For individuals and society as a whole, The training process is the basis of success, excellence and achieving goals, Through the application and implementation of various stages and steps of the training process, results can be achieved and the expected objectives can be achieved, a path that expats seek to achieve. Goal. in achieving success and excellence.
    6 benefits for training in the organization and for workers

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7 Most important elements of the training process 1 7 Most important elements of the training process

7 Most important elements of the training process

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7 Most important elements of the training process

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