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7 Most important principles for designing training programs

After identifying training needs we enter the stage of building and designing the training plan to achieve the expected goals, The design process of the training plan includes several important processes.
    7 Most important principles for designing training programs

7 Most important principles for designing training programs

1. Identify training topics:

The content of the training plan is determined by the following aspects:
  • to information on work, the status of the organization and the surrounding climate. Skills, conditions and ways that can be used to improve performance and efficiency.
  • Work must be followed and the behavioral pattern at work followed.
  • The training scheme must determine the subject of training based on the opinions of the person in charge and supervisor.
  • And at the same time, Some indicators should be taken into account.
  • These indicators reflect that the organization may suffer from absenteeism, work injuries, job loss and production quality.

2. Determining the level of work and including the introduction to the topic:

  • The degree of work indicates the degree to which the training program presents the origin of the subject
  •  Regarding the degree of integration, We point to the degree of diversity in presenting different aspects of the subject.
  • Depth and comprehensiveness depend on several factors mainly related to the quality of the trainees and the nature of the training needs, The most important of these factors are:
  •  Professional level.
  •  Scientific level.
  • Degree of specialization.
  •  Current job requirements.
  • In general, The higher the trainee at a higher level of career and education, The depth and comprehensiveness of the topic will increase, The professionalism of the trainee’s job will be higher, And vice versa.

3. Preparing training materials in the final form:

The success of the training depends on providing training materials in a way that suits the needs of the trainees at the beginning of the plan and in a timely manner, So they can use them and take advantage of them. The purpose of the training materials is to clarify and clarify a set of information, concepts, facts, examples or practical models on a particular topic.

4. Determine the order of topics in the training plan:

The important process for designing the training plan is to determine the logical sequence of topics in the plan in order to integrate the expected effects of the different training units. When determining the logical sequence of topics in the training plan, You have to follow a set of rules,
The most important. The topic should start with a general introduction aimed at quickly introducing ideas or topics to interested trainees. He then provided more detailed aspects of the subject in logical order. Different forms of training materials related to the same topic must be compatible in terms of presentation time in the program. They should take breaks between different topics so that trainees can complete specific topics and start a new topic

5. Identify training methods:

The training method refers to how training materials are transferred from the trainer to the trainee to show the desired effect. Training methods vary according to a number of factors, including:
Student quality: The way senior managers are trained differs from the way middle managers are trained, Where the way to train senior managers focuses on deepening the sense of responsibility to solve problems and make decisions, Here it is appropriate to discuss cases or conduct administrative conformity.
In the case of average managers, The training method tries to create sound concepts in their minds and deepen their information, So in this case, Lectures are the most appropriate way.
Training topics: Lectures can use certain topics such as training methods, Such as presenting ideas and concepts and explaining the scientific foundations. If the topic is about methods and methods Using a training tool to deliver the subject is the best way to train.
Training period: The lecture is suitable for short-term training courses with discussion of cases and role-playing

6. Equipment and supplies processing:

Training requires some equipment and supplies, According to its availability, And the ability to provide training materials to the trainee, But there are other important means, If you can’t replace the coach, It can help him communicate information and convey concepts and meanings.

7. Coach preparation:

The coach is an important element in the training work and must get the necessary care from the training plan – the coach is an important part of the training work,
It must have the following key characteristics and components:
  • Scientific knowledge surrounding the professional field in which he trains.
  •  Practice and application experience. Ability the ability to communicate meaning and concepts with trainees through the correct use of appropriate language and interpretations.
  • Personality integration and balance provide students with a good example.
  •  The ability to work with groups and teams.
  • Leadership and the ability to control the behavior of others.

7 Most important principles for designing training programs 1 7 Most important principles for designing training programs

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7 Most important principles for designing training programs

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7 Most important principles for designing training programs

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