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7 Most Important Ways to Manage Training Quality

Training is considered one of the most important plans recognized in the field of human resource development to develop performance in the field of human resource development .
and consists training from Provided educational experiences hardworking workers have in Initiation and those experiences are designed to grow Skills and knowledge Fashionable predicts that you use immediately or So far , a short time Upon returning to work.

7 Most Important Ways to Manage Training Quality

understand from That definition that Training is limited to employees of the organization in Opening any employees The two moderns while the truth is that Training related to any one in the organization needs to New development and modernization , whether it is work or work for a short or long time. As it includes a process Training of superiors , officials and executive workers on barrier either.
Just as training is an experience to develop the existing and future performance of employees by exaggerating their abilities to achieve, Or it is the administrative and organizational activities that aspire to improve the ability of the working person to perform a specific work, or to play a specific role in the organization with which he works .
In clarifying a newer concept , training is administrative and organizational efforts related to the state of continuity aimed at an act of skill, cognitive and behavioral transformation in the current or future characteristics of the working individual in order to be able to be faithful to the requirements of his work or to develop his practical and behavioral performance in a better way.

Before the training process:

Since individuals have skill experiences, abilities and previous experiences, an explanation of the justification for this exercise and its benefits for them requires , It is better to summon the personalities before informing them that they must undergo training and discuss with them about their level and what they aspire to achieve in the future. Thus, the news of their willingness to do an exercise becomes as if it were a wish- fulfillment , not an apparent obligation or decree . At the same time , the worker is a partner in making that decision .

During the training process:

If any problems or deviations appear during the training process, the direct official must intervene with the help of training specialists to bring about basic differences and updates . Hence, the monitoring process is necessary during the training period to take an organizational order to continue, transfer or stop the exercise if necessary .
The monitoring process includes the content of the exercise , the athletic director , the financial conditions , the applicable organization, and what has been achieved by the trainees.

After the training process:

upon completion Training The trainee should be employed with the task for which he is assigned It suits the skill experiences and modern capabilities , as the failure to exploit and use them leads the individual to Forget about it, and you lose everything these activities , just like that Training is not one time during working life for one but it is a process steady to ensure Match the characters with External Advances Just as the process Prepare and plan For training activities according to the concept The overall dexterity benefit Skip the following:

1. Study and analysis of the external climate :

Training planners are interested in studying the elements of the surrounding environment to get an idea of the opportunities to exploit them for the benefit of the program

In addition to discovering threats to avoid them,
These vehicles are in the following lines :
– The economic , social and political conditions prevailing in the environment and their possible effects on the activities of the organization and thus on the training activities therein.
– The market in which the organization deals and the stage in which it passes .
Customers who deal in the organization’s goods from people , institutions , bodies and get to know their characteristics and satisfaction rates have their criticisms, if any.
– Competitors, what they offer, the nature of clients dealing with them, and the advantages that the organization possesses and lacks.
– The prevailing administrative thought, concepts , methods and training alternatives present in the environment.

2. Study and analysis of the internal climate :

Diagnosing the internal environment of the organization allows the discovery of the points of strength to enhance and points of dwindling to eradicate them or address them through training if possible.

3. Determining the training strategy :

The higher interest determines the general plan of the organization and from which the training body draws its strategy.

4. Defining training objectives :

In general, the objectives of training are represented in the following investment , technology and human goals :

– Economically: high issuance , upgrading productivity, reducing wastage and wastage , increasing sales, developing market share, increasing the amounts of development and confirming the record order .
Technically: Upgrading the harnessing of available production capacities, speeding and deepening the absorption of modern technologies, and solving the problems of involving them in the organization.
Humanly : developing the employees’ trends and reasons, developing their desires to perform in the best way, developing the team spirit among them and deepening the sense of the concept of customer service .

5. Determining the training policy:

Politics is a set of attitudes, visions, Regulations and controls that translate purposes of interest , and achieve Plans and strategies are two important functions in public interest and in exercise especially , Where it gives a guide to take The provisions are It is also a measure for completing the introduction and valuing the performance , and from More important policies Exercising : the politics of defining systems for the nomination and selection of trainees, A policy for identifying needs and defining the role of everyone interested in the training process, The exercise strategy policy, exercise performance policy and exercise appraisal policy, and identification of assessment metrics and techniques.

6. Identification of clients :

The client in training thought classic is trained person , However, according to the concepts The overall excellence interest becomes The customer is not exclusively an apprentice, But so are the owners Benefit and family Trainee Association As a result of his work duties , Including line managers and colleagues Effort and these internal clients , Then it also comes in the list of indirect customers who benefit from the trainee’s performance , the customer ‘s and suppliers’ fantasies , the imagination of external customers .

7. Determining training needs:

Determining training needs is a necessary technique in training , and with the multiplicity of clients according to the concept of the benefit of comprehensive skill , The issue becomes more complex but more effective.
Training needs express desires that if they are satisfied, the customer feels satisfied. Therefore, it is better to include him in the process of identifying them so that this process occurs successfully. Then translate those needs into the language of the trainers. Translation takes two forms: Translating the need into action steps that cross out the training of the individual on how to perform it, and also translate the needs into an upgrade in performance according to measurable results.

7 Most Important Ways to Manage Training Quality

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7 Most Important Ways to Manage Training Quality

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