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Rules in Etiquette dealing with the manager

  1. It is best to perform a functional task and not ignore it in order to maintain a relationship with the manager and avoid misunderstandings or arguments within the workplace.
  2. It is better to follow the rules, laws or codes of conduct established in the workplace, Ignoring this can negatively affect the relationship between the employee and the manager.
  3. Depending on the mood and its fluctuations, It is not right to agree with other people (such as managers) in the workplace.
  4. It is better to give any gift to the manager collectively rather than individually, Provided that the gift is proportionate to the workplace and not too personal to avoid misunderstanding, Comply with some of the company’s rules on not giving gifts or praise at work.
  5. It may be useful to implement the manager’s instructions in the workplace, Even if they don’t agree with the employee’s point of view, Unless proven otherwise, However, the above does not mean that the staff member has abandoned some suggestions. When it comes to comments, It is important to choose the right way and style to talk about these things so that the manager does not feel that the employee is superior to him.
  6. Calm and patience when dealing with managers at work reflects the utmost respect and commitment, Regardless of the pressure the employee is under.
  7. Etiquette experts called for extreme neutrality in dealing with managers and avoiding details of personal life in the workplace, Because this approach can have many negative consequences.
7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work 1 7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work

Be careful to say these words to the manager .

4 phrases you don’t say to your boss

7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work 2 7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work

Before saying a word, Prepare your phrases and choose them carefully so you don’t say inappropriate sentences or look nervous or unique. Here are 4 things you shouldn’t say to your boss, Etiquette and conversation should be taken into account when talking to someone in this position.

1. I bought a house, So my salary has to increase.

Usa coach Robin Leanne warned not to talk to his manager in this way. Asking for an increase in your monthly salary in this unique way is unacceptable because employers will not be happy to increase your salary for similar reasons.

Work etiquette: In this case, All you have to do is draw your boss’s attention to your successful and profitable company, Not your personal needs.

2. Now that the rest have been demobilized, Doubled

Robin Ryan recommends not using this method with your manager to indicate your stress and effort at work, Because you are not the only one affected by a particular change or layoff in the company. So, If you want to talk to your boss about it, He did so diplomatically and positively.

According to the ethics of dealing with managers at work: Share your to-do list with your work supervisor or manager, allowing him to understand the workload automatically, Which helps you one way or another.

3. I don’t know how to get this job done.

7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work 3 7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work

U.S. Business Manager Irina Baranov advises not to rely on employer statements like this, It has nothing to do with the creativity and professionalism that your boss is looking for.

Follow the etiquette of dealing with managers at work: If you don’t really know how to do a job, Especially if you don’t try to find a solution early, There’s no need to explain that to your boss. Feel free to ask for help because this step shows that you are excited and offers the best, But don’t make it look like some kind of defeat and surrender, you won’t make a good impression on you.

4- This modus opera operash is not accustomed to my former boss

7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work 4 7 rules in etiquette dealing with the manager of the work

If anything happens, Avoid saying this right away! Robin Ryan noted that this sentence will make your boss feel that you are still stuck in old professional habits, unable to adapt to the new working environment, And it makes a bad impression on you, It makes you lose the enthusiasm to work on a new project.

According to Business Etiquette: Robin Ryan advises, If you can’t understand the new business model and how to adapt to it, Explain to your boss that you need some time to get used to the new system and show your enthusiasm at work.

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