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8 The most important objectives of training and how to evaluate it

Training is a process that is necessarily intended to gain the experience and knowledge that man needs, and get the data that you lack, and good directions for power and action, and adaptable skill experiences and behavioral forms, In addition, the basic and necessary rituals for the high amount of its efficiency in Performance, As it can be defined. It’s also practical. Steady and regular During a lifetime People, It means in a necessary way to Urging people’s potential to High degree investigation in Professional progress And the performance, And so by giving them Skilled expertise and information related to their field of specialization or work.

    8 The most important objectives of training and how to evaluate it

8 The most important objectives of training and how to evaluate it

Training objectives

1. Develop skilled experiences and meditative thinking abilities for trainees, in addition to developing their research capabilities, through workshops, effort studies or training courses.

2. Find a second qualified pattern that can be given more responsibility to replace the grocery store of leading individuals moving to other headquarters or retiring, or rely on them in the devolution process.

3. Contribute to the return of numerical and qualitative balance to the structure of the labour force, if there is an increase in the amount of labour in a specific sector or specialty, the transformational exercise can equip them and qualify them for new specialties or specializations that will fill their deficits.

4. Developing the trainees’ awareness of educational news , Understand and understand the new fundamentals and trends that have been built and promoted above the business.

5. Benefit from skilled expertise, expertise and knowledge of human origins in developing and updating the expertise and knowledge of educational workers.

6. Clarify the concept of trainees with their different different roles, To provide them with the skills and knowledge to play these roles well and effectively.

7. Provide and provide many opportunities for trainees to understand the close and solid link between application and theory in the field of education.

8. Raising the level and standard of awareness of the trainees the need and necessity to approve the transfer process and prepare for it, An increase in efforts has been made to place these educational variables below the headquarters of endeavour and testing, in addition to participating in modernization and development.

The importance of training

. The proper benefit of the equipment and machinery used within the organization and the official company , as well as reducing the price of repair and maintenance.

. Developing the career course of employees and achieving themselves specifically with aspirations.

. Investigate the needs of the business and the organization from the sources and humanitarian forces, in addition to shortening the desired time to carry out the activity or effort effectively.

. Pride and encouragement of trainees in the business.

. Adapting to the technological variables that exist in the field of interest.

. Making non-negative advances and transformations in the directions and behaviors of trainees, To give them modern knowledge, to improve their potential and hone their skills, in addition to his involvement in modifying the ways and customs they use to excel and reconcile the effort.

    How to set up an integrated training bag

Training evaluation stages

Pre-training assessment

Pre-training evaluation stages are usually completed by adopting the results of the evaluation of previously performed programmes, in addition to surveying and managing trainees and trainers in advance , apart from selecting the directions and skill experiences of individuals who have been previously trained, It must be said that that process is aimed at choosing the approach and training method that is adaptable and better to meet and achieve the best results.

Evaluation during training

Throughout this period, the exercise process and the objectives of the program can be valued according to the objectives set, and the means and methods that are occurring to meet and achieve the goals, and the compatibility of headquarters and time, And the extent to which the strategy is compatible with the program, It incorporates and integrates its components, and estimates the final results achieved by the concepts, programme, trends and information that the programme has been able to develop and provide trainees with at the hands of successive training sessions.

Evaluation after completion of training

Following the conclusion of the training, the question usually completes the results achieved by the program, The extent to which it achieves its hoped-for objectives, and the measurement of the amount of learning and the reaction to the conduct is achieved by a survey regulation that ends its distribution to trainees.

Follow-up training results

At that time, the trainee’s performance and conduct in his job were re-valued, This follows the conclusion of the exercise immediately so that the continuity of the influence of development and exercise can be identified over time, and the results of development and exercise can be measured by two elements, They are: the performance and conduct of the trainee.

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8 The most important objectives of training and how to evaluate it

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