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9 effective training methods within a training bag

There are many tools and content that include the most effective training techniques that help you prepare and equip a training bag that helps trainees do their jobs better. In fact, because there are many options in this regard, it may be difficult to determine which methods and means to use and when to use them. Here are 9 effective training methods inside a training bag.

    9 effective training methods within a training bag

9 effective training methods for preparing a training bag

Despite technological advances in the preparation of training bags, some traditional methods are still effective and used. Here’s a presentation of some of the common traditional methods you can rely on in your training bag:

Total reliance on the trainer to explain the content of the training bag

Coach-led training is always one of the most widespread methods among trainers. This method includes several ways, including:

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Methods based on trainee interaction

There are many interaction-based methods that can be used to explain the content of your training bag to keep trainees interested and shared, including:


The training bag can be suspended from time to time for a simple test of what has been explained so far. You can also start with a pre-test before you start explaining the training bag and tell the trainees that follow-up tests are in place during the training bag period. This method will help the trainees participate and interact with the content of the bag in order to improve their grades in the final test. In this way, you can motivate trainees by allocating prizes and rewards to the top performers in each test.

Organizing small groups for discussions:

You can divide trainees into small groups, give them specific situations or practical experiences, and commission them to discuss and resolve them. This is a good way to transfer practical experience to new trainees.

3- Study cases related to the content of the training bag:

Adults tend to adopt problem-oriented methods through training, so case studies are an excellent way to take advantage of this type in adult education. By analyzing practical positions related to their actual functions, trainees have to learn how to deal with similar situations later easily and professionally, and they can also see how different elements combine in a job causing certain problems while at the same time combining other elements to find solutions.

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Preparing summaries:

Divide the trainees into small groups and ask them to choose a leader for them, then assign them to prepare a summary of the main points explained during each lecture, and ask each group leader to present this summary to the rest of the trainees.

5. Devote time to questions and answers:

Question-and-answer paragraphs are very useful for reviewing and improving the skills acquired before starting to teach trainees new skills.

Question cards:

Ask trainees to write questions about the content of the lecture, collect them and then set aside test time and review these questions.


By assigning trainees to certain tasks and acting as if they were in real situations that occur in the workplace, trainees learn how to deal with these situations before facing them in their work. Role-playing is an effective and useful way to acquire many of the personal skills needed for jobs such as customer service, interviewing, and supervising employees.

8- Assigning trainees to choose content elements:

Prepare a list of topics that will be included in the training bag, ask the trainees to review this list and identify topics they want to know more information about, then ask one of the trainees to tell you the subject to his choice and start discussing the subject and cover it in full and then i will address the same thing from another trainee and so on and thus make the trainees in a subject that controls the content they receive.

Practical explanations:

Whenever you have the opportunity, bring tools or equipment related to the content of your bag and explain the steps you have already taught in a practical manner.

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9 effective training methods within a training bag
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