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The training package model is the training content in one area, This package is used in one area to achieve a predetermined strategic objective.

In addition to training methods, methodologies and plans, The training package includes a collection of illustrations, drawings and literature collected from one or several different sources through a realistic experience and specific scientific experience.

There are many definitions for the training package, Most notably the training package, It is a set of tools, machines and information that play an important role in helping the student understand the subject to be learned, And he was able to do that. By dealing directly with the components of the training bag, you get many skills.

One of the definitions of the training package is that it is a document that includes detailed training instructions and procedures for how to implement them so that they can be used by one or several people to successfully achieve a goal.

Another definition of the training package is that it is an operational plan for an actual training package by preparing the scientific material, activities and procedural steps required for implementation on the basis of training objectives.

For the training package to succeed, Must be designed on certain conditions, Below we will discuss the training package model and the primary objective of preparing the training bag.

9 steps to model a successful training bag 1 9 steps to model a successful training bag

The main objective of preparing the training bag

The training bag is designed to achieve a number of objectives, the most important of which are:

An operational plan for the actual training process is in the mind of the trainee.

Providing scientific material and procedural steps for the implementation of training.

On the basis agreed with the coach in advance, To clarify the objectives of training and the knowledge and skills of trainees and the methods and means of training.

Clarify the content, objectives, conditions, deadlines and target functions of the program.

Identify training units, timing, objectives and topics for each topic.

Make an effort to clarify the roles involved in training, Such as determining the role of the trainer and the role of the trainee in training.

The training package is a general guide to managing a training session.

Training bag model:

9 steps to model a successful training bag 2 9 steps to model a successful training bag

There is a model that researchers should follow in preparing the training bag, Below we will present a model of the training package.

1. Key to the training bag:

The package key is the first step in preparing the training package. This key consists of the logo of the training room and the name of the training room. The training package key also includes the main content index of the training package and the main content index from the training bag. Basic instructions for the workshop that the trainer must provide. The training package key contains the basic workshop instructions that the trainer must provide.

2- The scientific material plan of the training model:

These steps are one of the most important steps in the training bag, The training seminar is divided into a group of units by the speaker, It must include:

3- Training unit (unit number).

4- The name of the unit (its hours).

5. The behavioural objectives that the Unit seeks to achieve.

Topics to be discussed in each unit.


Evaluation is one of the most important stages in the training bag, through which skills and knowledge are acquired from the trainee, And the coach has to fill out a model every day, The trainer must prepare an evaluation tool every day to be packaged by the trainee.

8. Special strategy for talents:

The policy is distributed according to a range of electronic versions.

9. Program plan:

It is one of the most important stages in the training bag, The planning plan is divided into scientific planning of the training workshop, And the details of the scientific planning of the workshop, And the existence of scientific planning of the workshop, And pre-preparation for the planning workshop. The continued scientific planning of the workshop time and the schedule of the science symposium program.

What are the steps to prepare a form of training bags?

The trainer should know how to prepare the training bag and prepare the training bag properly, there are a set of steps that the coach must follow, the most prominent of which is: analyzing reality to determine the level of the trainee: finding reality before starting a training package is one of the most important things that the coach should be excited to understand.

The level of trainees who will participate in these packages.

Choose a way to organize training content in packages:

In order for the training bag to achieve its intended purpose, its content must be organized according to the trainee’s abilities.

What learning sources and teaching materials are included in the training bag?

This section includes all educational means and materials that come with the educational package to help promote materials and scientific content training bags that help trainers and trainees achieve what the training bag seeks to achieve, Among its most prominent sources are:

Photos, shapes and forms needed to clarify the information in the training bag.

Electronic slides.

Interactive educational materials.

Scientific references for training bags.

9 steps to model a successful training bag 3 9 steps to model a successful training bag

The purpose of preparing and designing training bags:

The main purpose of preparing and designing the training bag is to develop a program through which practical training on the contents of the bag is implemented.

What are the advantages of training bags?

Each training package has a range of advantages, let’s take a look at the advantages of the training package. For the current trainee job or the job being pursued and will be occupied in the future, the tools used in the training package must be similar to those that actually exist, the training method must simulate working conditions in a logical and realistic way.

9 steps to model a successful training bag 4 9 steps to model a successful training bag

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