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9Th most important uses for remote training

What is online or distance training ? he Form a dialogue of Types of training, Depends on the usual method and method in identifying training products, software design, planning and management Training. But it’s Depends on data technology in The connection between Sports director , trainees and administrative staff. In order to break geographical and temporal border parties that Hindering training procedures

    9Th most important uses for remote training

9Th most important uses for remote training

E-learning is a way of teaching using new communication methods and methods of communication from a computer, its networks and its diverse media of sound and image, and drawings, and research mechanisms, Electronic libraries as well as internet portals whether it is from a distance or in the important semester intended is the use of technology in all its forms in communicating information to the learner in the shortest time, minimal effort and the greatest benefit.

The concept of remote training can be clarified:

It is a set of activities related to the transfer and delivery of many types of knowledge and science to trainees in different regions of the world using data technology (including internet, intranet, CDs and telesympine).

What remote training is used for:

Training is used from a distance in many arenas and activities, for example:

1. Medical training
2. Business Administration
4.Computer and Internet
5. Security training
Accounting and financial management
7. Psychological and Family Counselling
8. Stock Exchange and Securities
9.And many other areas

Therefore, long-distance training uses flexible techniques that respond to the needs of trainees, suit their abilities and take into account individual differences between them.

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9Th most important uses for remote training

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9Th most important uses for remote training

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9Th most important uses for remote training

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