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All you need to know about training strategy

The training strategy is: The “ training system ” whose choice is crossed out and an agreement is reached on top of it between a training sports team, and which mixes training methods and methods with training subsidies that happen to the goals, And with training equipment that offers the best quality .

All you need to know about training strategy

Reasons for choosing a training strategy:

It is inevitable that the selection decree is based on careful examination of the training position, Let us arrive at the best training strategies in terms of merit and effectiveness. Therefore , there are many aspects , including:

  • Training objectives .
  • The default content of the article.
  • The quality of the trainees.
  • The quality of trainers.
  • The headquarters available for training , capabilities, equipment, and training materials.
  • The prices .

Instructional Objectives

The criterion that surpasses all criteria in choosing planning is the goal of training . The chosen scheme differs from the chosen scheme if the goal is to develop functional skill experiences . Accordingly, a good, apparent , detailed determination of the goal of the training process is the necessary axis in choosing planning . These are a number of purposes for which the training may be conducted with the aim of one or more persons together.

  • Presentation and presentation of topics.
  • Technical equipment in the field .
  • Raising the merit of a technician in the field .
  • construction of concepts.
  • Equipment operation training .
  • Consider agitation .

Theoretical content of the article

It is useful in the planning situation to know :

  • Domain whose stability or readiness for modification , addition or deletion.
  • Does it depend on the linguistic presentation or does it include explanations such as graphic taxes , tables and others.
  • Ease and difficulty of converting it into training donations .
  • The training idea is evident in it, as well as the scope of its expression of the training objective .


in terms of:

  • education level , and previous experience.
  • Maturity and receptivity.
  • Job site.
  • The job they want to accomplish.


The number, quality and competencies of the available trainers are among the important reasons that need to be taken into account for choosing a training strategy . Let us take a specific situation as an example . If the number of trainers who are technically qualified to deal with the backgrounds of the trainees is not available in sufficient numbers, The circumstance requires the use of programmed training materials instead of using a mixture of practical speech and performance , which may be considered more adaptive to the situation.

Training location and training capabilities

The use of all training strategies requires all kinds of training capabilities, equipment, and materials. For example : If it was decided to use a personal computer (PC) as an intermediary in providing a training unit, and if the computer was not available, the matter requires the use of a newer alternative. The time available for a specific training unit also controls the chosen training strategies. Conference, performance , and methods based on the participation of the trainee take more time than the lecture and demonstration methods. If the time available for training is very tight, It may require resorting to an alternative to the method that is more effective.

Prices : (Costs)

The costs are huge reasons why any training program is needed . The criteria concerned with prices are not considered a separate or distinct factor from the rest of the causes , as it is noticeable that time , capabilities, individuals and the like entail a price on them .

However, there are two clauses that are of sufficient necessity , above which it follows that the prices must be treated as a separate element, namely:

  • The price of the studied plan should be reasonable if measured by the effectiveness of the exercise . Assuming all other causes are equal, then Yield if it ‘s in Learning Effectiveness Appearance Training Strategies Specialist specific not justifiable The additional costs that complete endurance result Using this well-thought- out plan , the The matter may require Use the lowest value schematic , even Even if it is effective slightly lower .
  • Saving in time , people and capabilities should justify the economy in the studied plan . The point that attention should be paid to here is the necessity of a satisfactory link between the economy in the scheme , and thrift in the rest of the arenas . In summary , it can be said: In the presence of normal conditions , the price of planning , despite its effectiveness, must be balanced with savings in other aspects of the training program.

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All you need to know about training strategy

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