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The development of training programs is directly related to the management development processThis strategy is based on qualified trainers who know how to offer the training program if it is based on theories, rules, assets and courses of high quality scientific and professional value. Measuring training needs in all departments and predicting future needs, which in fact helps to develop administrative work, because it deals with three main points: workflow adjustment, improved staffing and the formulation of professional strategies. Training and job qualification are one of the most important characteristics of smart organizations. Development and investment, considering human resources as human capital and a development element, it is clear that attention to various forms of job training strategies has increased the level of staff and implementers of the latest developments reported to them, and the modernization of professional and therapeutic information aimed at administrative reform, change, development and organization, which appears here. on the question of the value of training. Professional qualifications, governed by global factors and effects.

Development of training programs 2022 1 Development of training programs 2022

Training program development tasks:

Monitoring the development of a training program involves identifying and analysing training needs and designing and evaluating the program.

Identify the training needs of the department and develop a training plan.

Preparing discretionary budgets and designing training programs.

Get ready for research and research that can improve the efficiency of your training.

Preparing statistics and data for programs and trainees.

Compiling a guide for training companies and trainers.

Review the design of programs and training materials.

Search for, evaluate and nominate companies that will be tasked with implementing the program.

Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of training programs. Track and evaluate the development of the annual training plan and areas of training effectiveness.

Development of training programs 2022 2 Development of training programs 2022

The training program department is responsible for the development of training programs and specializes in the following:

Identify and analyze training needs using scientific tools.

Develop an annual training plan for the management team.

Prepare an estimate of the annual training plan.

Development of training programs.

Prepare a guide for national , Arab and international training companies and trainees in their respective fields.

Review the design of training programs provided by companies and third parties.

On a scientific basis cooperation with the competent authorities to assemble some training materials.

Review the training materials provided to companies in exchange for the planned scientific framework.

Analysis and study of follow-up reports on official assignments used for training.

Follow-up and evaluation management in addition to the development of training projects, It specializes in the following:

1 Study and evaluate companies’ proposals for programs to be implemented in the ministry.

2 Cooperation with the Training Program Design Department for a coordination meeting with the company that conducts the training.

3 Nominating the company charged with implementing the training program mentioned in the annual plan.

4 Tracking and evaluation after the end of the training program for a period of time.

5 evaluation methods using English and computer programs.

Follow-up and evaluation during and immediately after the completion of training programmes implemented internally and externally.

Follow-up developments in assessing the effectiveness and returns of training.

8 Evaluation of the annual training plan at the end of the fiscal year.

Tracking and evaluating external programmes and international tasks.

10 Preparing and evaluating training program evaluation questionnaires.

Development of training programs 2022 3 Development of training programs 2022

The department overseeing the implementation and development of training programs takes over the following tasks:

Supervising the implementation of the training program is responsible for overseeing the implementation of internal and external programmes and international tasks, Coordination with the implementing company to improve performance efficiency. Supervising the implementation of training programs and coordinating with the companies implementing these programs. Coordination with nomination departments for training programmes. Select candidates and inform them of the dates of the training program. Prepare statistics and data for lecturers, teachers and trainees and update data periodically. Coordination with various training institutes and companies to nominate ministry employees to participate in the programs included in their programs depending on the nature of their work. Candidate.

A number of experts stressed the importance of training programs and their role in developing staff skills, Noting that there are many gaps, including the staff member’s lack of response to training programs, and not to use them optimally, and obedience to staff planned for the duties of the post, Other gaps that must be avoided in order to escape explained that the development of training programmes achieved the best results and played an effective and important role in addressing administrative issues and difficulties faced by new staff who did not know how to deal with administrative and functional matters.

The importance of developing training programs

The development of training programs helps employees increase their productivity and experience as they seek to gain experience in their field. The nature of his work, It is not just general theoretical information. Professional training courses serve the skills of the employee have evolved significantly, But the extent to which you benefit from these courses depends on the employee and his willingness to develop his skills. Some courses are useful to the employee and some courses are harmful to him and a burden on him and prefer courses in the fields of work and professionalism.

Some jobs require experienced staff and the skills offered by training courses are ambitious and change-hungry staff who are aware of the importance of these courses and are keen to participate in them, He pointed out the need to link training pathways to career paths, progress and staff service. Motivating staff who are passionate about good performance is important, linking training pathways to promotions, motivating the employee, and having a specific career sequence to help the employee progress and commit to an organized work environment to achieve his or her goals, bring him psychological and social satisfaction.

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