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Today we need education and training, So education is necessary, Training is necessary, Because education is the transfer of information, Training is information transfer and skills development. changes the beliefs of the trainees and shakes them, This job is absent in education, The most difficult stage for the trainer is to change the beliefs of the trainee or participant.

A lot of people think that education and training are the same thing, But the two terms are different and they have many distinct differences. Meet Dr. In an interview with Madam Net, Reham Raafat said, Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods in the Faculty of Education, Training is the process of learning something in order to show a particular skill or behavior, Education is a systematic system. processing aims to learn something to gain knowledge, It is referred to in the field of education; one learns facts, concepts and theories in training; one learns how to apply these facts, concepts and theories.

Education and training are two distinct terms, but there are 10 differences between them that you should recognize. 1 Education and training are two distinct terms, but there are 10 differences between them that you should recognize.

What is education and training

According to Dr. Reham Raafat: Training refers to the acquisition of knowledge aimed at developing a specific set of skills and behaviors with the aim of improving performance and productivity, Training is usually provided shortly after the appointment of the organization’s staff, Or when they change jobs within the organization.

These training programs can last for days or even weeks, It is designed to help transfer job-related skills and knowledge to employees so that they can perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Training takes place in a variety of settings, Including in the classroom, online or at work.

Education also refers to gaining knowledge about facts, events, concepts, beliefs, or principles surrounding a topic. Its purpose is to help develop the thinking, understanding, judgment and thinking skills of the individual;

To find out the difference between education and training, we’ll mention the following points.

In our Arab world, Education is just a process of ideological indoctrination, There is no actual application method for obtaining information, But in training, information is acquired, applied, skills acquired and developed.

We now need to hone an individual’s skills, and change his behavior, and provide him with the right practical and marketable skills, Training must be an important part of our working and scientific lives. We cannot innovate without training. By applying knowledge, information and experience, we do not reach the stage of the creative process.

Today, if we look at major international companies such as Google, YouTube, Amazon and Alibaba in China, they focus not on university degrees, but on the actual work of training, skills improvement, skills acquisition, and jobs.

Our society is now full of a large number of scientific qualifications, far superior to practical professional skills and behaviors, We have not seen much growth in these qualifications, In order to innovate in the training process, Today we need training institutions for professional training: Training courses based on developing individual behaviors and improving their performance and productivity in some way is practical because we see institutions and education and training centers buying their training programs in large quantities today, But the problem is that we don’t see much growth in their training programs for individuals and companies because they simply can’t build and express training courses based on science and practice.

In conclusion, As a leading coach, I work with training entities and get the right information, experience and behavior through different training processes, Because education in our Arab society is not enough and will not lead us to disease as a result of the process, I want the training to be integrated with our education in schools, universities and educational institutions in Palestine to be completed by graduate leaders who excel professionally and scientifically.

today I’m a leading coach, I received this title without self-training and mastery of my entrepreneurial skills and experience, Because systematic training has helped me achieve my professional goals with ease and clarity, And in our site be creative in your work. In practice, We must continue to learn and develop ourselves, Without training, We cannot build a personal brand for ourselves. .

Let’s say I have a company where I want to hire a professional and distinguished team, Where I don’t care how much academic certificates team members keep, But with the amount of education, training, practical experience, practice and behaviour. The skills they possess and enjoy because today’s powerful companies and institutions focus on the professional, practical and behavioral aspects of their employees.

Here I do not deny the nature of school and university education, It is necessary to learn and master the basics of university disciplines, But training here is complementary to education and an integral part of actual growth. Without development, Without education, No growth, And without training, There is no development and growth. Education and training are complementary paths. This is systematic training in a professional manner appropriate.

The difference between education and training can be summarized in the following table:

Education and training are two distinct terms, but there are 10 differences between them that you should recognize. 2 Education and training are two distinct terms, but there are 10 differences between them that you should recognize.

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