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What is sports training specialty?

With the tremendous growth in the diversity of activities and the diversity of the sports sector at the local and international levels, Academic research and analysis are needed for sports training specialization.

The Bachelor of Sports Training is associated with teaching exercise sciences, He is qualified to work insports training and various other areas that we will discuss later in this article.

The Bachelor of Sports Training includes teaching a variety of courses in exercise science, sports psychology, fitness, training techniques, theory, sports training methods, sports medicine and injury prevention.

History and origin of sports training

In 1922, Turkey’s first sports organization responsible for the management of sport was established under the name of the Turkish Federation of Ardman Societies (TIC7). On December 5, 1925, The Turkish Football Federation was established under the chairmanship of Mr. Veldan Assir. He was the first president of the Turkish Football Federation.

From 1924 to 1927, In addition to some other physical activities such as swimming, Physical education was conducted in the name of gymnastics, Her studies were limited to children.

In 1925, Turkish Football Federation President Verdun Asser and his assistant Suad Kerry have been sent to Belgium to learn the basics of physical education in an academic manner in Turkish schools and universities.

The Turkish Federation began providing sports activities in 1936 and the Directorate General of Physical Education was turkey’s first official sports institution after the Turkish Federation between 1938 and 1948. Encourage young people to exercise.

On November 3, 1969, After reviewing Basic Law No. 4235, The Ministry of Youth and Sports was established, Led by Esmat Sizkin, The first Minister of Youth and Sports in the history of the Republic of Turkey, Consequently, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been established. The page opens in the life of Turkish sports.

In the field of sports training, The Ataturk Institute of Higher Education was established in Istanbul in 1967 under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education to provide students with physical education, In 1975, the Anatolian Siege Academy for Youth and Sports was established in Istanbul under the supervision of the Ministry of Sport.

These two institutions belong to the Institute of Physical Training and Physical Education, They were taught for four years under Law No. 3837 of July 3, 1992, Published in the Official Gazette, They are linked to the Turkish higher education system.

What are the advantages of sports training specialty?

Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century 1 Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century

Sports training includes a range of benefits that provide student athletes with a unique experience during their studies, including:

1- Acquire many practical, personal and professional skills.

2- The ability to lead a bright future with high efficiency on a career path.

3- Using appropriate qualifications and modern training techniques to improve and evaluate sports performance more efficiently.

Linking sports sciences and their methods of employment in the application of various training programs.

What are the functions and work of the sports coach?

Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century 2 Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century

The tasks and functions of the sports coach can be listed with the following points:

The most important skills and requirements of the work of the sports coach

Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century 3 Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century

One of the most important skills a sports coach should have is:

For sports lovers in Turkey, A bachelor’s degree in sports training from a Turkish university gives you the opportunity to join its student staff in the new academic year.

What materials and courses are available in sports training?

Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century 4 Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century

Sports training specialties include many topics and programs, Among them:

  1. Identify fitness elements of speed, strength, agility and flexibility and work to improve these elements to maintain a high level of fitness for students.
  2. Learn about new sports training mechanisms and applications.
  3. Learn about modern muscle training equipment and provide them with the capabilities to manage the gym at the health club.
  4. Train the technical aspects of offensive and defensive skills, how to apply them, and how to develop plans for a variety of sports and physical activities related to football, basketball, tennis and volleyball.
  5. Learn about the laws associated with each sport.

What are the specialties and departments of sports training?

Sports training specialties include:

The relationship between sports training and other professions

Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century 5 Everything you need to know about sports training in the 21st century

Specialization in physical training has strong links with other disciplines, Like medicine and social sciences, Which is mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial to the owners of these disciplines.

Sports training is linked to the specialization of human philosophy, Especially logical and ethical sciences. Philosophical sciences look at the truth of things, And get to know the truth, and the ways in which we can identify all the information around us. Of course, a sports training specialist must be familiar with the origins and methods that have enabled him to reach. information required of him.

The sports coach must also have a good personality so that he can do his job properly and be a good model for the rest of the team.

A sportsman’s knowledge of logic makes it easier for him to develop the systematic studies and plans necessary for the team during the game and possible changes as needed.

The sports training profession has a very close relationship with psychology, Because sports coaches can recognize the mental state of athletes by studying pedagogical sciences, Thus helping to improve their morale and increase their talents.

The close relationship between these two systems also plays an important role in motivating players to reach their best physical and moral standards, which cannot be achieved without uncertainty about their mental state before playing against other teams.

There is a point of contact between sports training and anatomy, which helps athletes to recognize muscle, joint and bone types, Understand the expected benefits of exercising on the overall body structure and strengthening muscles.

Sports training combines natural and motor sciences related to the study of internal and external forces affecting the human body and their effects on how athletes perform their movements during competition or training.

Highlights of sports training

The challenges faced by sports training specialists are as follows:

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