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Guide to preparing a special training bag

The guide to preparing a special training bag shows the basic stages contained in any training bags , This greatly facilitates the preparation process while ensuring its commitment to the required quality standards and conditions of success and achievement of the goals. required, All this is in the interest of the coach and the trainee and works to make the training course a success.

The guide aims to clarify the scientific and structural (formal) standards required for the training bag counter, to be a guide and a practical guide, and is used as an essential element for reviewing training bags and matching them with quality standards. It also aims to help the bag’s equipment in arranging and coordinating its contents, and sequence his units logically, Their themes are based on models of accuracy, flexibility and convenience.

    Guide to preparing a special training bag

Divided into two main parts, the first: it is used by botha trainer and an intern, It includes the contents of the training bag. The second: it is used only by the coach, It includes how to prepare the guide for the systematic and thoughtful implementation of
the training bag

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1. Bag key: Includes:

Article plan: Includes:

Scientific material and applications:

Evaluation: Includes:


It is a guide specifically designed to monitor the implementation of the parts of the training bag, and the themes of the previous model must not be repeated.

It includes the following elements:

(1) Cover: It includes the name of the article, And the name of the program, And the name of the sector, And the name of the directory’s author, And the setup date.

(2) The number of the training unit as mentioned in the bag.

(3) The name of the training unit as mentioned in the bag.

(4) The time of the training unit as mentioned in the bag.

(5) The number of the training session as mentioned in the bag.

(6) The time of the training session as mentioned in the bag.

Description of training activities for each session.

A description of the procedures for carrying out each of the training session activities.

(9) Identify auxiliary training methods that can be used at each training session.

This guide can be made through diversity and adherence to quality standards, In the preparation of a successful and integrated training bag , And gives a simplified picture of the bag’s stomach to review its steps, It is adjusted as it appears to him. Perhaps this is what made the guide important to many as the guide and appointees to the bag preparation process, And write its scientific material and training content properly and coordinated, Adheres to specific and clear standards that ensure success for both parties;

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