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How to set the objectives of the training bag

Any training bag should contain a lot of information clearly and detailedly as identifying the steps of training step by step is very important and helps in the success of the training process and achieve the desired goals write the objectives of the training bag and then include it in the training manual. Here’s how to set the objectives of the training bag.

How to set the objectives of the training bag

Plan your goal well.

How to determine the objectives of the training bag, before doing anything, specify the overall goal, purpose or result of the training in general and then go on to identify the rest of the goals individually in particular, a training bag is designed mainly on the goal of giving trainees a new skill or information about their functions.

Describe the performance you expect from trainees and avoid setting any goal in a unclear or vague way, Goals must also contain an act that can be seen and measured.

Explain the training environment in which the training will take place, the goal should contain a description of the circumstances, Give a detailed description describing the environment in which the training will take place.

Set acceptable criteria for measuring training objectives in the training bag and evaluating them in detail and what the trainee is expected to achieve after completing the training, such as performing a task within a specified period of time, obtaining a certain percentage in completing a task or completing a certain number of tasks at a given time.

    How to set the objectives of the training bag

Write down your goals

How to determine the objectives of the training bag, use clear language and directly in the writing of the goal, write clear and evaluatable goals that do not use the word imeasurable such as (to understand – to know) the clear goals give the trainee the ability to follow the development of his performance and progress and know what is expected of him at the end of the training period.

Link the goals to the desired result and always make the goals realistic and link them to real events about the trainee can realize them realistically this helps the trainee to easily remember the goal and work to achieve it for example if you are training employees to introduce a new type of services that is provided to customers the trainee must understand that the introduction of these services serves the process of increasing sales directly and contributes in one way or another to increasing the material income of the company.

You can evaluate the goal or clearly define the performance criterion by using numbers or percentages, for example, the next target can be set (data entries in the accounts section must learn the input process correctly 100%) a lower percentage may be achieved, but after the training the employee must be perfect for the data entry process at a significant rate that is unmistakably near perfect.

Make your goals as accurate and concise as possible set your goal in one sentence, which helps make the goal easy to understand, Divide long or complex tasks into several smaller tasks, long and complex tasks will be more difficult for the trainee during the training process and on the trainer during evaluation.

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Make your goal measurable

The measurable goal means that it can be achieved in a specified time, Determine exactly what the trainee should know during the training session and as a trainer to monitor his behavior during training, the objectives must be set in a way that serves each trainee in different ways of understanding them and the methods of receiving information.

Avoid using objectives that cannot be measured objectives objectives such as the following (be aware of 000 – estimated the importance of 000) these words have no particular method or criterion to measure them accurately.

The objective must be assessable: to assess the knowledge gained by the trainee during the training period, and here we mean valuable knowledge based on experience, practice and practical application.

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How to set the objectives of the training bag
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