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How to start designing your course

Each trainer starts the course with the usual introduction. He introduced himself, And explain the importance of the training plan, And explain the plan to implement the plan, He then briefly presented the plan. Then present the objectives and content of the course, Thus, the first phase of the training course began. So far, The only person who speaks is the coach.
    How to start designing your course

How to start designing your course

The students were completely silent. Some people get bored, Others hold their arms and curl their eyebrows. Some of them think about whether this course is the right choice.

Dealing with silence at the beginning of the session:

In fact the coach did not fail, Take steps effectively but there is a difference between training and lectures. Participants need to communicate with each other and also interact with trainers, They also need to exchange views and ideas without concern. Talking always breaks the deadlock, So it is necessary to give the trainees the opportunity to speak at the beginning of training, Because this can increase confidence and eliminate fear. Having the opportunity to speak makes the meeting deviate from formal coordination and seem like a conversation between a group of friends.

Remove dread and give rest to trainees at the beginning of the course:

  • Let them present themselves: Let each trainee introduce himself to others of course the most important thing is the name, Anyone who likes to hear his name when dealing with others will feel comfortable and intimate.
  • Not being able to talk to someone by name will make the conversation cool and make the person feel like you’re not interested in him and don’t want to know about him.
  • Of course the trainees will not remember all the names after the first acquaintance, So you can use stickers that can be seen from a distance in front of everyone’s seat so that others can recognize the name, They will learn each name frequently. Names of other people.
  • Let them share the educational background and work: Ask each trainee to briefly state his or her field of work, educational path or interests. However , If the number of groups is large, They must be done in a short and fast way so that not much time is wasted.
  • Let them mention their goals and needs in the course: This not only enables you to manage and submit training plans according to the needs of the training plan, But it also lets you break the routine and spread different ideas into it.

Use team-building methods (group):

The trainees might know each other as if they were from an organization, There is no need for ways to break the deadlock because they know each other. remember as a coach, It is important to know their names, But here, If they don’t know each other, You won’t need much detail. There are many activities and exercises available to make trainees more comfortable in and between training environments, Including team-building activities (groups) that use topics related to the training plan.

Start the course as if the trainees are going to watch a movie:

Always remember the last movie you watched and you liked. Ask yourself how it started, Did he pull you in from the first five minutes? Do you like this movie so much that you forget you’re watching the movie and interacting with the characters? Always remember that even before mentioning the name of the course, The introduction and the first impression are very impressive. Remember that the trainees attended the training course and their minds were busy with many things in everyday life, Like taking the kids to school, And send emails to customers, And make purchases … and others, All this you can control their thoughts, And you have to get them out of this new world.
At the beginning of the course, your goal should be to influence the trainees so that they notice and feel the importance of the training plan and its needs. This is not done only through training topics, It must also be entertaining and entertaining.
Take the “Build a good personal network at work” course as an example. The coach begins the course first by defining the concept of networking and the concepts of personal relationships and personal relationships, Then he lists good business relationships. After the coach finished his talk, He will find that the trainees were boring, None of them had a clear and specific understanding of what he had said. Instead of this terrible way to start the cycle, as a coach, You should first know why the trainee took this course, Design and deliver the course accordingly.
He tried to attract them by saying at the beginning of the course, “We are learning a new skill here today, which many of us may not have, But we desperately need it to make our work work.” for example , Trainees attend this course because they are ashamed when dealing with others, And they want to learn the skills of dealing with strangers, And they want to learn how to impress others, It is their first dealing with them many times. I want to learn how to present myself well and how to conduct self-marketing.

Don’t apologize that the course is boring:

Some coaches believe they should make it clear to the trainees at the beginning of the course that it is somewhat boring or complex. If we stop for a while and think about it, We will find that the trainer does this to prove that the trainee does not understand the content and not the content. If there are boring parts, You can remove them from the course or work to make them fun and attractive. as a coach, Don’t try to show this warning message to the trainees, this will eliminate your accusation of boring content Because the trainees will not understand this and their boring experience in this course will remain in their memory.
Even if the content is great and interesting, Don’t try to say it, Because it will make students lose interest and be disappointed. Finally you said that if you have boring content, Please don’t mention it to the trainees, But you should think of ways to make content fun and attractive, The content remains in the trainee’s memory.
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How to start designing your course

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How to start designing your course

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