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Humandevelopment is a science aimed at expanding the perception of the individual, and to give him skills and abilities to expand the areas of choice to reach the goal of the individual, The refore, the primary objective of human development is to discover and develop each individual’s skills to the point where the individual’s goals can be achieved, to improve his orbits, Thus improving and developing his life in general, In addition to helping him provide the life he aspires to.

Human Development

In the daily activities of man, And in his constant interaction with those around him, Needs to constantly develop its capabilities, Allowing him to act and work at all levels. Tools and purpose for development, Human development depends on the knowledge base, specific circumstances and criteria that affect it.

Principles of Human Development

There are many basic principles of human development, which we’ll discuss below

Principle 1:

Principle 2:

The importance of human development for individuals and communities

Human development is very important because human development helps the individual understand and develop his skills so that he becomes skilled in his work and constantly seeks to develop, This makes him distinguished among his peers and improves his work and thus improves his overall work.

Intellectual foundations for human development

The concept of human development stems from the theory of social development, On the one hand, People are an important factor in this development, On the other hand, It is necessary to coordinate and follow up the relationship between material and spiritual factors in life. Factors and how they interact with each other, Examples of material factors or material needs, people gain experience, specific specialists who have helped him develop material needs, In addition to examples of spiritual factors: The human need for ideals, and noble values, And well-established principles, and correct religious beliefs.

Human Development Training Course 2022 1 Human Development Training Course 2022

Human Development Conditions

  1. Administrative status: Relates to management and technical skills and employs sound planning methods based on their sound assets.
  2. Technical conditions: Developments related to the use of the achievements of the times and their various techniques: Like computers and the Internet, Different networks: Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  3. Population conditions: To face the various difficulties of life related to the optimal exploitation of different human resources, and improve living standards, And the human development mechanism.
  4. Social conditions: Focus on promoting a culture of work and human achievement in it, and flexibility in the social structure, And to achieve social equality, And achieve a certain degree of positive communication between people.
  5. Political situation: On the basis of strengthening the fences, activating democracy, freedom of opinion, expression, transfer of power and non-monopoly.
  6. Health conditions: Accompanied by high levels of medical care.
Human Development Training Course 2022 2 Human Development Training Course 2022

The relationship between human development and self-development

Self-development is a component of human development, It is broader in its coverage and meaning than self-development, Which aims to develop practical life skills such as: Communication skills, and leadership skills, The art of time management and the customs of society. As well as its traditions, And the effectiveness of self-development methods. With regard to the Islamic view of self-development, Islam calls for continuous development, Even as one of the meanings of the concept of establishing and rebuilding the caliphate. Corruption and destruction.

Human Development Training Course 2022 3 Human Development Training Course 2022

Self-development techniques

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