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Is it important to plan the training process?

Of the things that we must realize that no matter what we plan for something, Whether it’s something negative or positive, There will be what you want and what I want, But God did what he wanted and I will understand the speech in this article by two types of readers (trainers and trainees who have participated in many courses) because they will know who is in my conversation. I mean they will be aware of these differences, This article may be a movement of thought rather than a commitment to compliance. You may be like me, Readers interested in training have read a lot about training.
    Is it important to plan the training process?

Is it important to plan the training process?

No doubt anyone who reads training will certainly pass the definition of training, And when I think of those who talk about the definition of training in terms of the concept of training, I found that many people stated that training is a planned activity aimed at transmitting information, acquiring skills and changes in beliefs, “If you want, Please write in Google” Training is an activity plan “to see the results but I undoubtedly agree with their training in information, skills, beliefs or some of them but my difference (planned activities) from my point of view and from an actual communication perspective the training is divided into three parts by (plan):
1- Comprehensively planned training, which is rare and planning does not always mean preference
2. Most of the exercises are planned and some are unplanned and this is very likely to happen and I would recommend that.
Unplanned training caused by the environment is not suitable for all.

Or not : Fully planned training:

This is a training method advocated by some trainers and some authors, So regardless of what the coach tries to make training a fully planned activity, He’ll be helpless. The clear and clear plan will not deviate from the right or the left. This position is rarely achieved, But when you or non-native speakers are trained (of course they can’t talk), Maybe one of his flaws is that he makes you an automatic trainer, And the plan is to turn on the monitor at the county, Robotics trainers may have a problem.
for example , If it depends on them heavily, Or the trainee lacked an understanding of the training game, or when he faces certain problems in the course and opposes it and discusses it, Or because he’s tired and can’t (robot trainer) here move because, for example , One of the axes of Style A (as a coach) for the lecture style (as a manager) to regain his strength
– I presented the mediator at the end of the article
– All of these affect plans and meeting time

A lot of cycle distractions are complete planned including:

  • The coach did not end the massive intervention in a smart way.
  • Forget some of the tools you plan to use in the course.
  • Some devices (such as projectors or even electricity) have been turned off.
  • I forgot some information or story … Hold on! – Before the start of the course, The laptop was stolen (and given to a friend)! – Vinegar Benefits Plan.
  • The file cannot be opened due to a malfunction or the font becomes blurred when the file is moved.
  • Other unexpected and anticipated training issues.
He might say: And what if all possibilities are taken into account and planned to avoid them in the event of their occurrence, Am I making a fully planned cycle?
I say.

There is no doubt that expectation and preventive measures against expected problems are a plan, But no matter how hard you try, It may seem that the challenges have not been taken into account, It is difficult to build a training package for one of your courses, including all these problems. I think junior coaches need this kind of (planned training) in their training courses, I will undoubtedly recommend this type of training for beginners because although he has had some difficulties in training, However, he increased his self-confidence and started.
He would be experienced in his course, A few days later, Our new leader will learn how to deal with these traps for planned and unplanned training. I think you can say: Because I walk on the knees of those who say (planned activity training), I am likely to oppose it because I do not believe it, And you may end up convincing like me, But I am currently working on a book entitled “Circle in Training” hopefully this book will be published soon and I have done a training course for this definition I have stopped this word (plan in) this book is not a suitable place to empty my chest in the vicinity so spread the noise here this is an educational and training riot and I hope not to bother you.

Is it important to plan the training process?

Secondly: Mostly planned training

This is training for creative people, So I think creative trainers are planning courses while leaving space to express current creative ideas, emerging stories, appropriate innovative games and rich interventions. Means and so on, So , How many trainers have changed the planning method to make it suitable for the target group when they know the target group well (probably not good).
Tell him about the main points of his plan, And if there is no plan, How many unscheduled interventions and discussions will lead to the symposium and the results, If the coach doesn’t plan, It will be, How many trainers will bring the paper on the blackboard says: (You reminded me of such a theory), Or he said (such a theory by the way), Then he explained it, And so on and so forth – yes, I know that some coaches intend to pass this as follows: Get ready for the carton and wait for the opportunity to enter the cartoon this way to attract attention. This is good.. That’s the secret. Among the secrets of some trainers, Don’t tell anyone that secret. Strangely enough, if we plan something, Some things may not come as unplanned things, That’s the reality.

Thirdly: Unplanned training

Many things in our lives may not have a plan, But even if that’s our goal, We have to write it, Then take a look at the end of the year, So we may find that some of the things we write have not been realized and others we have not written! Suddenly he enters the classroom waiting for the teacher (educator) (according to the teacher and his lord the teacher), So he enters class, There is no plan to spend 45 minutes with these students, Then you find that he can fill the students with him in a certain way in the classroom until the bell rings! Then there is a missionary, sitting in the council, Then one of the participants asks him to ask everyone about the word, He didn’t plan it and he didn’t get ready, Then you see him talking, Perhaps if he had planned it, It won’t bring such beauty! I’m sure some good coaches and some good coaches have been exposed to this situation, Either by asking them a question, Then he answered them during the training session, And maybe some people were asked to come forward, Or someone suddenly asked that he had offered training courses to participants without planning courses! But he trains.
Reaching the stage of non-planning (fruitful) requires a number of skills and qualities, including:
1- Be good or trained in cultural and scientific competence.
2. Used for improvisation on special occasions and others.
3- Creative thinking and finding solutions, Training games are useful, Here I have compiled an online training course that you will find on my “Shawi Training” website.
4. He has a lot of stories and experiences.
Repeat some lessons to make them remember and discuss content and content.
Read more and see useful things.
7- Knowledge of hosting skills (not coach), Because the host is the one who promotes the training process by asking a range of questions, and stimulate thinking, And collect results, Focus on the training process. More time will be spent on participants instead of intermediaries, This is one of the specific tools for overcoming unplanned training, learning and reading experiences.
8- Mental mapping skills, Which can help you rearrange your papers and interlocutors in unplanned meetings.
Is unplanned training active? I say to beginners, creative trainers, experts and others, The plan will undoubtedly increase your strength, Which is important for your life and training, But it leaves room for creativity and knows that one day it will suddenly enter into the plan. Under certain circumstances, You can pray that God will give you success, And you’ll always be fine. Have you read the term “expert”? Make me smile a little. I have a lot of things in the training manual that I don’t like or believe in.
including their classification of types of trainers (young, Young man mature Expert, They stated that the expert meant that they had arrived ten years or the above persons were being trained! So everyone who has reached ten years of training is called an expert! (Some) modern science and technology have been discovered, After this period (ten years), You will forget and become an old coach and not an expert, He may be a real expert with a month or two of experience, So you may experience a coach who has been trained for thirty years but thirty years of experience is not like the second experience. What expert do you talk to for two months?

Is it important to plan the training process? 1 Is it important to plan the training process?

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Is it important to plan the training process?

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Is it important to plan the training process?

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