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It’s all about electronic training and its features.

E-training is a term that reflects the modern dimension of training and learning methods. Where possible, Crossing the boundaries of time and space for knowledge, information and culture, through the use of modern techniques, communication methods and new changes that have attracted countless individuals, for example, Like many modern variables accompanied by many works, Then give up the classics in the same way, It is possible to obtain a university degree.
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It’s all about electronic training and its features.

Through some universities that provide students with distance learning opportunities, As well as languages that are easy to understand and learn electronically, In addition to many educational models and models, We will explain in this article covering e-training.

What are the advantages of e-training?

There are many advantages of e-training, which is achieved to the public, We will review them as follows:

  • Availability of options: E-training is not limited to specific areas, but there are many options and areas. Is it related to humanities, such as management, law, language, philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc., or to applied sciences, such as physics, biology, medicine, engineering, pharmacy, etc.
  • Keeping up with the times: Whether it’s learning places or learning methods, Current education does not depend on stereotypes, We must follow the same model and path. In a certain way, it helps to create new ideas and knowledge, whether academic, professional or in general culture, that can be obtained through e-training.
  • Low cost: The cost of e-training is cheaper than traditional methods, especially given the emergence of many agencies providing online services, and this competitive system allows individuals to choose the right price, whether it is academic research, it is still through classes with educational experience. Work, while e-training can save these costs, use them for other factors of production or provide the possibility of financing other projects to achieve the main objectives of the organization.
  • Shortening time: The typical training method requires going to a dedicated center, It may be far from a person’s place of residence, Then devote a lot of time to getting training courses or studying at a university or academic institution. Unlike e-training, The latter could be an individual I get anywhere online, Which helps shorten the time.
  • Providing training staff: E-training helps train cadres, Under traditional methods, each trainer must give more than one lecture or daily training course. Since different training information and content cannot be provided to the largest number of audiences, Especially when the public welcomes certain types of training courses, E-training reduces the number of general trainers.
  • Do your best: E-training does not require any physical force to communicate with trainers, Most of what is needed is whether there is an appropriate way to receive lectures or training courses, The most common way to use it in the computer process.

What are the categories most in need of e-training?

E-training provides the opportunity to learn for some groups whose circumstances prevent them from achieving this:

  • E-training provides learning opportunities for groups whose circumstances prevent them from achieving this goal: Persons with disabilities and people with special needs: Persons with disabilities and people with special needs are groups that can benefit most from e-training. In the past, The learning opportunities for this group were limited, Especially in non-urban areas far away from educational headquarters and this represents the severe difficulties and difficulties suffered by this group, Where e-training has become the lifeblood of this category, Justice and equality have been achieved with other ordinary groups for social justice.
  • Types of women in conservative communities: Many Arab and Muslim societies continue to follow conservative methods. In the situation we have seen from public activities, Parents are afraid of girls, The emergence of e-training eliminates these fears and provides girls with an equal opportunity to study at home and thus equal opportunities with men. Study for a higher grade.
  • Types of employees and employees: After the end of the study period there are many people involved in the work regardless of whether it is a university level or an average or less, They have no time in the later stages. For scientific and academic development, There is a collective work that needs to be identified all the new things. In order to develop and continue to develop in the labor market, And to help get new personal advantages, so that they have the opportunity to get higher profits or salaries depending on the nature of the job or work, E-training facilitates this work and makes it easy.

What are the methods of e-training?

The methods of electronic training provided by donors vary, We can stare at them in two main ways:

The first method: Online training: refers to the direct interaction between the trainer and the trainee, where training courses or lectures are mainly through computers, through a modern application (for example, Live streaming via Instagram) or through professionals. The site and the trainer can discuss and ask trainees what they don’t understand.
Method 2: Indirect e-training: In this way, Educational materials are provided in the form of electronic media such as CDs, Current technology allows you to upload educational videos, readings and audio files.

What are the requirements of the e-training system?

In this part, we will separate the requirements of the e-training system, both for the donor and for the individuals to be trained:

For the e-training donor:
  • Specialized trainers: The e-training donor institution must provide trainers specifically for the required teaching field. So , The goal of achieving the training process is to provide new knowledge with a specific specialization as a goal, It is best for the course provider to be a professional researcher with previous training experience who can maximize the benefits.
  • The equipment of the training bag: The training bag is intended as content to be taught to trainees, It is important that the preparer fully understand the vision and objectives that the training plan will achieve, Each trainer should be provided with special background content.
  • Computer application experts: When downloading training content on websites or online applications, Computer experts are required, Especially experts in programming and web design; The task is therefore of high quality.
For individuals receiving electronic training:
The requirement for personal e-training is to provide a way to receive e-courses and training courses, This item can be easily achieved by purchasing a computer or iPad. For now, Over time, the mobile phone can communicate and interact with it and the field of electronic training brings us new things every day.

It's all about electronic training and its features. 1 It's all about electronic training and its features.

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It's all about electronic training and its features. 2 It's all about electronic training and its features.

It’s all about electronic training and its features.

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It’s all about electronic training and its features.

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