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Learn about modern and old training methods

English training : Training is an activity that is concerned with transmitting guidance and information , in order to modify the performance allocated to the individual receiving it, or help him to puberty to a specific period of skill and knowledge experiences , Training is an effective and good way to refine and modernize any field of life , whether it is studying, Or financially, Or practically, Or personally, Or healthy, Or family or otherwise.
    Learn about modern and old training methods

Learn about modern and old training methods

It also promises to gain skill and knowledge experience in various fields, but the methods of exercise are intended for the range of methods , tools and means that are completed to communicate and inform the trainee of the nature and requirements of the effort desired to be done, The duration of the exercise is limited.

Modern training methods

Highlights of modern training methods

One of the most modern training methods:
1. Computer Assisted Training: This method depends on the use of computer supplies in the clearest article ordecision-making, in addition to training and changing training courses and trainers, as this method develops the professional ability of the trainer and trainee
2. Micro-Teaching Based training: he Represented by an educational situation Issued in A short time ago. It’s about ten minutes and a number of people are involved. modest of trainees, The coach on his hand by putting forward concepts or The trainees passed on Specific skill experience, Just like Mini-exercise Depends on guidance and guidance and processing , watching, dialogue and discussion, And his mini-exercise. Forms such as: Free mini-exercise, And the general micro, And micro-psychological guidance, Mini-early, continuous mini-exercise, guided mini-exercise and final mini.
3. Competency Based Training: This exercise is based on clear and explicit objectives for the training of members of the School and Education Association through cooperation programs in investigating this.
4. Performance Based Training: It is represented in programs based on the concept of performance, which isvery effortless and positive to gain the ability and professionalism in the work and be able to perform it in an objective way, and these programs include skilled experiences, abilities and tasks sought by the trainee.
5. Inter-Video Active Based Training: This method is based on combining the advantages of computer-based education with the benefits of education through the visual section.
    8 The most important means of assistance in training bags

Old training methods

Highlights of old workout methods:

1.Views : is a dominant method in most courses, It is either in the style of lectures or in the style of demonstration , which is used to provide skilled experience with me at the bottom of real situations similar to reality.

2. Ways to contribute: a method that ensures the participation of trainees in the debate and the process of learning and expressing their views, These include: discussions, role-playing, circumstance study and brainstorming.

Field visits: This method depends on giving the trainee the possibility of insight into the truth by watching the efforts on their nature and in their real environment,

Therefore, the method has many types, including: Study tours, meetings, Project application sites.

The importance of training

It remains of great importance for training in a large number of different arenas, particularly in the field of actions and services,

We place the importance of training at the following points:

1. Increasing productivity: is to cherish the release rate, and to reduce the production price in order to match the competition in the place of sale and purchase, the exercise helps to upgrade the productivity of the employees , by providing them with the skills that happen to this.

2. Quality Development: The role of exercise in promoting continuous revision of the quality of goods by providing appropriate training to workers.

3. Promoting industrial safety, which is the contribution of exercise to the modernization ofownership transmission with machines in safer ways; they can use the devices at the workplace; especially those concerned with safety in environmental conditions of effort, resulting in a reduction in their exposure to accidents.

Contributing to technological development: It is the influence and influence of exercise with technology, so you must look at exercise as a process of continuing to evolve by relying on the large number of modern methods and methods.

5. Activating the role of effective management: the use of exercise as a means of controlling and planning by relying on the modification of skilled expertise for employees and workers, with the aim of preparing them for transfer with jobs, both in the present and the future.

    The importance of training and development of employees

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Learn about modern and old training methods
Modern training methods

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