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Learn about the advantages of e-training

The Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development is a newly built department in large companies and institutions due to recent changes, whether it is related to training methods or because of the growing interest in human factors in business, The economy is now transforming into the company’s components of human factors and then developing them to achieve work-related goals.
    e-Learn about the advantages of e-training

Learn about the advantages of e-training

Under the unjust capitalist system of the last century, This does not exist; It brings mechanisms and technology and equipment has proven to experiments and studies that help increase the contribution of production that caring for workers and employees and keeping them in line with technological development instead of ignoring this aspect of the university will be useful and will pay off in the success of the work a tired system, whether private, profit-making or general working system aimed at providing government services to citizens.

What is the purpose of managing e-training and human resources development:

There is a set of objectives that the Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development contributes to achieving within business systems, The most prominent are:

Qualified staff at the beginning of appointment:

At the beginning of employment, The job or job must be trained in a particular style or model; Once appointed (for example, In the case of an accountant required for the job), And the candidate does not have the right experience, New graduates, This needs training at first; The first training through a series of actions or electronic media helps to achieve this goal.

Intermittent training of staff and staff:

Important aspects of e-training management and human resources development include: Follow everything that is new in the field of employees or employees to continue working and achieve active and honest elements of competition with their peers who participate in the same activities. But they didn’t develop themselves. , And stop doing your own activities, Especially when many current data and policies change during the process of being presented to the public, New data and policies must be issued permanently.

What are the advantages of managing e-training and human resources development?

Easy training anytime, anywhere:

Through electronic training, Individuals can get training materials through computers anytime, anywhere, They can download content from e-books or through digital audio and video materials, They can use websites in this process.

The principle of equality between employees:

The Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development contributed to justice among all employees, where they receive training in the same way without being affected by discrimination that may occur in some traditional speeches, Traditional speeches are presented by the lecturer to the first to have these trainees at the expense of the interests of others, Which is reflected in their speeches in parliament, Or they target groups more than others, And all other methods of discrimination.

Keep in mind the individual differences between one group and another:

Some employees are as incomprehensible as their colleagues. So , Each category has a specific method that can be observed by the Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development, for example , The department can provide simpler materials.

Low financial training costs:

financial and commercial systems using traditional training methods; You may spend a lot of money, But you need to organize training courses through the Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development; And at the same time it achieved its goal, It is the immediate qualification of workers;

To avoid students with psychological difficulties:

Some trainees see some psychological difficulties in training courses. Fearing failing in front of the lecturers or sometimes feeling shy and stressed The E-Training Department and the Department of Human Resources Development can help avoid this situation, Results are then achieved through separate training for this group.

What methods does the Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development use?

There are two ways of e-training and human resources development that will be explained below:
  • Simultaneous or direct training: In this case the trainer can give direct lectures to trainees through the Internet, There are many live streaming applications that can be used in them, Like YouTube, Instagram and others.
  • Asynchronous or indirect training: In this case , Employees and staff are trained through websites or educational means, This does not require an online lecturer company, Instead of that , The trainee can learn to demonstrate without interacting or synchronizing the translation content.

What are the outlines of the work of the Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development?

The Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development has carried out a series of tasks or outlines, Which can be summarized in three steps:
  • Set training goals: Each training course has its objectives and must be planned. Compatible with the organization that offers training, And the goal can be divided into public and private, So training content or training package is developed
  • Determine the method of training: This is done by following the default methods related to training. Whether it was made electronically, directly or indirectly, This method must be as free and flexible as possible, The following methods can be used: virtual courses or internet media, Experts from the Department of E-Training and Human Resources Development must be implemented.
  • The goal is follow-up and final evaluation: In the process of providing cognitive materials to trainees, Any training process must be carried out to prevent and overcome any obstacles, Finally the trainees must be evaluated and tested, The degree of knowledge gained by type of training. Of course, and his professional knowledge.
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Learn about the advantages of e-training

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Learn about the advantages of e-training

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