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Learn about the concept and importance of training

I may not need to review some axioms, These axioms indicate that economic development is one of the important objectives of human society, Competition today has reached its peak in acquiring modern scientific and technological products, And focus the research on this issue on individuals, That is why it is the key element of human development. It is the focus and foundation of development, Education is a tool for all aspects of development
    Learn about the concept and importance of training

Learn about the concept and importance of training

We therefore pay attention to the high value and increasing cost of the human factor to illustrate the importance of this factor. As mentioned above, Education is the first step for humanity and the first step to making it an effective factor in society. Education is a systematic and purposeful design of experience or experience that can help learners achieve expected performance changes, Because it is not limited to improving the cognitive balance of learners, Appropriate guidance and the Muslim community must also be developed. values of justice held by forms of values, Like hard work, profit and competition. Excellence, quality, honesty and the most important in our trade and our income to prevent God. It is said that training is an organized process that can apply the knowledge, ideas, concepts and scientific facts acquired by students in the process of exposure to education, Education and training are ongoing processes, Even if one of these processes precedes the other or is a necessary condition for the other process, And in terms of continuity of life, Training is a condition of life. Plan designed to enable trainees to make positive changes in trends
The literature indicates that training usually takes the form of a series of official plans, The administrative authorities use these official plans to help workers develop customs, skills, knowledge and appropriate intellectual and practical trends in accordance with the specific objectives, So to work in the present and the future. to improve efficiency and efficiency. The main purpose of the training is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization in fulfilling its responsibilities and achieving its required objectives. Different forms of training are one of the elements of social development, Training is a way to prepare individuals to perform administrative, technical, educational or other tasks efficiently, The return of this performance is a good complement to the overall construction of the society in which the individual lives.
Dr. Al-Shaqawi pointed out in his research (development of training in management management) that training is an ongoing process and individuals must learn continuously and develop their academic abilities throughout working life, Working life is an ongoing learning process. in general , The various exercises are theoretical and practical definitions of the administrative and professional aspects of the activities that trainees need to carry out, Its purpose is to improve the individual by changing the skills, knowledge and attitudes of managers and professionals. ability in their current work, Thus improving the efficiency of their professional performance, While training is defined as a variety of educational methods designed to improve an individual’s ability in their field of work, or prepare individuals to engage in a particular profession, Thus ensuring the scientific way to improve the efficiency of his performance in the profession, The concept of training depends on the theory of education and its application, And because training is a kind of self-activity the trainee can train and interact, This is to help him deal with different situations and solve the problems he may face at work. When we say that education is a kind of self-activity for learners or trainees, We emphasize the role of the individual and his ability to understand what is learned, such as the role of the teacher and the means of education.
Efficiency plays an important role in the design of training programs, Contemporary life is characterized by rapid changes and rapid changes in science and technology, And all of them impose a certain way to deal with these variables, People need to perform perfectly in their daily work. Skills can be acquired in three independent stages of the training process, The first
Knowledge of the following characteristics is:
  • It has the ability to theoretically understand the ideas, concepts and facts about the skills that the trainee must master.
  • Communication is one of the characteristics of skills, which refers to the relationship between stimuli and response during training.
  • The third stage of acquiring skills is automatically responsive and automatically depends on the degree of analysis of the information received by the trainees, This capacity varies among trainees.
  • And so, If the training program is successful, It must overcome social, psychological, organizational, administrative and applied difficulties.
So , If the training program is successful, Social, psychological, organizational, administrative and applied difficulties must be overcome, Careful analysis of the elements of the training programme will help overcome the weaknesses and obstacles that the programme may face. Psychosocial analysis helps overcome all difficulties in the application process. The psychological factors that must be emphasized when applying the training plan are the processes of sensation and perception, Because they have an active role in recognizing the response and acquiring behavior, Sensitivity and perception are simultaneous processes. Consider this incentive, set it to a particular concept, or associate it with other things that have a specific concept about the person. And that’s what we call cognition, So , Individuals can acquire skills, information and trends through attention, perception and memory, These factors can be developed and adopted when designing a method method according to the logical sequence of the training process, This benefits the training plan;
on the other side , Needs search is a component of successful training. The level of public education controls the ability to distinguish modern technical data and determine the size of society’s needs, This task includes the use of machinery, tools, materials, equipment, systems and technical ideas to serve individuals and institutions without harming the infrastructure of society. The adoption and application of technology requires a personal preparation to take advantage of it. Improving the efficiency of individuals and enabling them to be qualified to use these technologies and counter the new technical data that is being developed in our time, Perhaps these needs are met in training and education programs, It is considered that they can improve equipment and institutions to keep up with the technological development of the individuals of the simultaneous level,
In Saudi Arabia, training institutions and centers design courses based on scientific, psychological and educational concepts of teaching theories, For example, the International School of Computer Technology has adopted academic supervision methods at King Saud University and King Abdulaziz University.
A curriculum to guide his training courses to ensure that the results of the training keep pace with the times. Therefore, technology is compared to international institutions specialized in computer, financial management and marketing, Therefore, graduates of this institution can attend a British university after calculating courses accepted by institutions around the world, Master this type of training course. The trend is the effective extension of Saudi universities, The Institute of Global education is therefore a subsidiary of higher education.
    10 most important principles for designing the training program

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Learn about the concept and importance of training

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Learn about the concept and importance of training

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