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Learn how to identify training needs

After determining whether training to solve a particular problem, develop a particular method or design a new method related to the working environment, This is the first step in the design of the training plan. So , The planning of the training plan should depend on actual analysis and identification of the organization’s training needs, Therefore, investigating training needs is at the forefront of planning any training plan.
    Learn how to identify training needs

Learn how to identify training needs

To achieve this goal, Training officials must understand the organization and its internal processes, and understand its purpose, objectives, structure and functional strength, To determine the direction of senior management specifically in the following areas: Training institutions must study different workplaces in the organization, and identify the weaknesses and strengths of the organization, The different steps and procedures of each section of the organization must be understood. In order to be able to complete his information and assess the situation, He must consult senior management, supervisors and staff constantly, This is done through meetings and interviews, Also through questionnaire questionnaires and information gathering. Other methods.
after that , A comprehensive understanding of the organization is formed, This will lead to the identification and evaluation of training needs for practical action and turn them into an institutional policy for the development and development of human resources through training programmes. The process of identifying the organization’s training needs can be achieved through the following steps:
Identify and explore individual training needs by judging the following elements:
– Those who do not know the staff member mean that they lack knowledge.
– A person who cannot do so means that his skills are insufficient.
– A person who does not bother means that his or her position or behaviour needs to be amended.
He then identified the defect associated with each employee and identified his or her training needs corresponding to the defect.

2- Setting training goals:

Given that training needs can be in the form of required or required skills, or changes of knowledge or direction, The purpose is to transfer them to staff through technical education to promote and promote the effective work of the organization. In addition Identify sub-training objectives resulting from the main objectives related to the training plan, in another meaning , Keep in mind the degree of importance and logical sequence, The main objectives were divided into sub-targets. The main purpose of this phase is to assist the staff responsible for implementing the plan in guiding and focusing on specific objectives. And through these goals, These activities or training methods can be designed, prepared, implemented and evaluated.
Focus these activities or training methods to achieve these goals – goals. Likewise, The formulation of these sub-goals should be similar to those that set the main training objectives, This means that they are flexible, applicable and measurable.

3- Program design:

Based on the content above, Training materials can be used to resolve deficiencies in knowledge, skills, attitudes and bad behaviors.

Determining the extent of each program:

Can be seen in two ways, The first is the duration of the training plan, The second is the duration of the training plan.

5- Determining where to implement training programs:

This can be seen from two aspects, first, whether the implementation of the program will be carried out internally, meaning that it will take place within the framework of the institution itself, The second is whether the implementation of the program will take place outside the organization.

Setting the timetable:

The table shows the general framework of a specific training plan in the form of a hub show, These topics will illustrate the accompanying training activities, time periods and the names of the trainees.

7- Setting the criteria for nominating and selecting candidates for training.

Preparing for the implementation of training programs:

The importance of this step stems from the fact that it is necessary to ensure the active participation of all parties involved in the organization of the training process. This means that in addition to their superiors, Staff nominated to participate in the plan are also informed of the main and temporary objectives and when the plan will be implemented. Those who will have the opportunity to receive different opinions, comments and questions regarding the objectives of the training and the nature of the programmes provided.

Learn how to identify training needs 1 Learn how to identify training needs

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Learn how to identify training needs 2 Learn how to identify training needs

Learn how to identify training needs

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Learn how to identify training needs

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