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Learning is one of the fastest evolving areas, Teacher training courses have names that have spread to most areas and branches of education. method or approach, Both in terms of age group and in terms of the quality of education provided to them, Even in the teacher’s system on which it is based, It must be said from here that education is one of the broader areas of the present, It requires an expansion of teachers and all staff in terms of work, knowledge and achievement.

The benefit of having training courses for teachers:

There are many reasons why teachers should take training courses, including:

1. By obtaining training courses, teachers can improve their teaching skills as there are many training courses in this area that are wonderfully and intensively present.

2. Teachers can also access training courses to study their disciplines more deeply and keep up with all developments in these disciplines, Especially if these teachers are a little older.

3. On the social side, Teachers are collectively subjected to training courses that promote teamwork, and break the arrogance of reaching the highest scientific level, And prove in their minds the continuity of the educational process, Because man still needs to learn as long as he is. Live.

4. Teachers can learn about new things in different fields by participating in different training courses, Which is reflected in the educational process within the classroom, which makes them aware of the changing and renewed needs of students, It is important to build a strong teacher. Relationship relationships.

Some course names are useful for teachers:

There are several proposed names for great teacher training courses that can provide the greatest benefit to teachers in their scientific, professional and social lives, It also helps improve their social standards:

1. Training courses for teachers to learn public speaking and the art of presentation:

* Here we are talking not only about the art of ordinary recitation or traditional lectures, But dealing with recitation in an orderly technical manner ultimately achieves the desired effect, That is, to complete the learning process in a way that can achieve educational objectives. roadway miraculously and fully.

* Teachers in training courses learn how to use body language in lectures and how to use body language to influence those around them in a way that attracts the attention of all students.

* In addition, Art workshop teachers can do a good job of learning how to use ringtones systematically, And when high and low tones are used, And what effective tones can be used to educate in a wonderful and unique way, And how to use ringtones and put them together in a wonderful and unique way. Communicate with all attendees in the student hall.

* Teachers can also see the ideal situation to stand in class and how to talk and move in the hall by reciting the technical training session, which ultimately increases teachers’ self-confidence, which will certainly be reflected in the positive learning process, It will increase good interaction in this class is one of the most important titles of training courses that can be offered to teachers, Especially at the beginning of their careers in teaching and education.

2. Learning difficulty teacher training course:

* The title of the most common course teachers receive is the training courses on learning difficulty, Especially in early childhood classes such as kindergartens and primary school students.

* We find that many children in these classrooms have learning and understanding difficulties and may lack intelligence and concentration, Teachers may face difficulties in both types of children, Ordinary children and children with special needs.

* Dealing with learning difficulties has become, Especially in recent years, very common in private and public schools, So many teachers have undergone training courses for learning difficulties to gain the ability to deal with these groups of students, Dealing with and addressing this technical problem is a challenge from students to teachers, They must be at their best to meet the challenge.

* Learning difficulties include specialties for children with special needs, As well as children with mental disorders, children with difficulties in academic performance in various subjects such as language, mathematics or science, While in in-depth disciplines, Learning difficulties include children with visual disabilities, disability and hearing, Teachers can get a great opportunity to develop their skills in this field by taking specialized training courses in learning difficulty.

3. Active teacher learning training courses:

* Active learning from modern forms of education, spread as a new term in the world of early childhood education, Its remarkable results have spread to the countries that have already applied it, Like the application of the system in China, Japan in youth schools, This model then began to move to some other countries, including the Arab countries, This was necessary for many teachers in dire need of active educational training courses to keep up with this modern education, Especially in modern schools.

* The concept of active education on participatory education is summarized, Where the educational process does not depend solely on teachers, Students are not passive recipients of all information in class, But students and teachers share tasks across the school, But largely part of student-centered education, Teachers prepare these students to learn in an indirect new way.

* The advantage of active learning is that it is a permanent way of learning that not only interferes in the student’s mind but also in the student’s personality. That’s why this type of education has recently become commonplace. The latter, With the consequent increased demand for teachers who can teach it, Taking active learning training courses for teachers is therefore a great addition to them and their teaching work.

Learning training courses in 2021 1 Learning training courses in 2021

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