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There are several classifications that distinguish management training methods: Some of them fall into two categories, Others fall into two categories. individual and collective methods, Others divide the methods into two groups, one to train workers and workers, The other is to train managers. However, The lessons in distribution are nothing more than the subject of each method, And how they are used, and their domain, Restrictions on them limit the use of some of them. therefore The traditional division of most management books will be considered in the context of management training Through several methods of administrative training

1- The first method of management training is lectures:

One of the best methods of management training is that lectures depend on the trainer delivering the training material directly in front of the trainee’s audience. This is a one-sided communication process only for the coach, The trainee listens to him without participating in the discussion. Lectures exist because of the previous organization and present the coach’s ideas in a coherent way in this case, The coach is the master of the situation, He decides what he’s going to say, And how he says it, And when to say it, And when it ends. The trainer can prepare summaries of his lectures for distribution to trainees to help them track ideas.

Lectures have their advantages, Including speeding up the training process, Lectures and summaries are prepared in a short period of time. Another advantage is to avoid obstacles created by discussions and side chats that can lead the subject to a maze that goes beyond the essence of the subject. When the lecturer expresses his thoughts, The presentation becomes a source of happiness for the public.

However, This method of training has limitations; The coach bears all the burden and may be in a situation where he is in his body and outside.

However, Lecturing is the best way to explain scientific principles, instructions or rules of action.

Management training methods in 2022 1 Management training methods in 2022

2 The second method of management training is group discussion:

Is a method of management training used by many experts to communicate on a particular topic from different perspectives, Students also participate in the discussion. It combines the characteristics of speech, Each speaker expresses his own point of view, In addition, it has the status of a discussion forum. It is also an appropriate training method for senior management training.

The third method of management training is on-the-job training:

Under this method of administrative training, Trainee supervisors learn through their own supervision, The responsibility and management of the training rests with the direct supervisor.

This is one of the most common ways in executive training if the coach has enough time and gives the effort and patience he deserves.

The fourth method of management training is the appointment of an assistant supervisor.

Supervisors: According to this method of administrative training, Each assistant supervisor performs some of the administrative tasks assigned to him by the supervisor, In addition to his normal duties, In order to prepare the assistant for the future supervisory process.

Management training methods in 2022 2 Management training methods in 2022

This approach has been criticized for lack of creativity, Since the trainee is a replica of his boss, Who follows the same approach and follows the same approach in terms of management and leadership.

5- The fifth method of management training is the method of rotation of periodic training:

It is a special method of administrative training for a group of workers waiting for them in a higher position, This requires them to know in advance about the various things of the organization. That is why the training courses for this approach include public disclosure of all activities of the organization, This allows the trainee to see the moment without focus until he settles into his original work and has an idea of general information about organizing all events.

This approach may not be useful for training at least narrow specialists, However, it may help prepare managers for important positions in organizational structures.

The sixth method of management training is:

Decision-making training in the basket (mail received): This method aims to make decisions by putting managers and trainees in a situation similar to normal, Any receipt of your inbox, These are business questions he often encounters. His daily job and some of the questions asked to him make decisions based on what is contained in the information. This method works by isolating trainees from each other, Each trainee sits in a particular location and gives him some kind of transaction similar to the mail transferred to him on any normal working day. The basis is that each trainee gets the same amount of information and at the end of the training there is a public meeting where each trainee presents his or her results from the solution to that information and comments for discussion. Through this discussion, everyone agrees (or may not) agree to an appropriate solution and is considered one of the best ways to train management

Management training methods in 2022 3 Management training methods in 2022

The importance of this approach is that it leads the trainee to think about management problems in the light of the information available, This is a normal situation that most managers usually face. Trainees also learn how others deal with the same deal and live with the team to make joint decisions to team up and respect the opinions of others.

7- Management game:

This management training method aims to create a training environment that is very similar to the normal job situation where trainee managers work. Student groups are divided into small groups (usually 5 to 7 people), Each group represents a separate administrative section. Contestants receive specific instructions on working conditions at the beginning of the competition and some basic information about the administrative units they represent and the markets in which they work. The game is divided into rounds in which people in each section review the data given to them and make decisions, such as producing or selling certain goods to them, The outcome of each decision is based on a method predetermined by a single authority. The intern is not aware of the training.

The training staff also added a random factor to determine the profit and loss of each organization. The results of the decision are communicated to all departments. Given these results, The study will be re-examined by making new decisions, Thus the game will continue for several rounds. At last The final results are published based on the profit and loss of each organization. A general meeting was held to evaluate the competition and commented on the behaviour of the different groups. Usually Each group organizes its own way, Capacity is distributed among its members, It decides for itself the objectives and policies that guide its decision-making process. Important discussions about the effectiveness and suitability of these methods begin with each group or section explaining how they work at the end of the game. Often, Feedback is provided by members of the training institution, Including guidance and guidance. From this point of view, management style of play is an important training method in management training.

Allergy training:

A new and innovative method of management training to choose the sensitivity of managers and their responses to others. It is also primarily designed to inform trainee managers of the opinions of others, This approach is characterized by the removal of artificial social barriers that hide the reality of social relations between people.

This training is based on meetings and discussions without specific objectives or agendas. The role of the trainer is simply to follow the discussions between the trainees and try to guide them without participating in the discussions in any way. blaming this way that leads to the disclosure of the real relationship between individuals which some do not bear the cruelty of the truth, Some may collapse.

9 The ninth method of management training is the committees:

Departments can form committees among their staff to study issues that represent common ground among them to find collective solutions. However, Using these committees, In addition to its main objectives, the Department may aim to use it as a training tool to develop decision-making skills for its employees and thus gain a wide range of experience to share their experiences and knowledge with each other, a unique method of management training.

Management training methods in 2022 4 Management training methods in 2022

In some organizations, Committees made up of lower managers than senior management members are a common approach. Its purpose is to assist the Board of Directors in resolving the issues raised on it. In this way, Committee members are trained in the work of the Board of Directors and acquire knowledge and skills from their decision-making research. They represent shadow management and help the board come by providing thoughtful advice on issues raised by the board. These experiences also help them prepare for decision-making in senior positions.

10 Role-playing:

This training method is designed to make the trainee play a role in a representative position. By playing roles, His views and positions on the subject are under discussion. After completing the role, Discuss what happened between the learner and the trainer, He reviewed general trends in training and the errors or errors contained in it. Deviation. This method of management training is often used for training in the areas of personal and supervisory relationships and leadership methods, Where the coach is placed in a position to require him, For example The role of the supervisor who arrests a suspended worker in violation of another trainee. . Through their discussions, behavioral trends appear in the situation, The coach and the student group comment on it.

Exercises 11:

This method is designed as one of the management training methods to require students to perform specific tasks and achieve specific results, By following the coach’s instructions. Exercises may include test formulas for trainee information. One of the requirements of this method is that the subject of the exercise be realistic, interesting and interesting to the participants. An example is the development of use-related exercises. Linear programming as a control programming method.


This training method is for the trainee to use equipment and machines similar to those used by the organization and train students.

One of the difficulties in this method of management training is that it is costly to provide the required number of training requirements for all learners.

Case study approach:

Case study is a modern method of management training methods. In it, A question is asked to the participants, And he’s asked.

contribute to their diagnosis, And critical analysis, And conceptualize the solution, adopting a solution among themselves to recommend it as a remedy for the situation, Then plan to implement it. The situation is a description of the expression of the truth and its similarity in words and numbers has a practical administrative status, and a way to share the learner actively, and a way that lectures lack, A way that is key to active participation of learners.

The main purpose of the case study method is not to find solutions to problems, But develop students’ administrative knowledge to systematically analyze and think about the causes of problems or look at problems in all respects and imagine alternative solutions accordingly. It is training in the application of management information in practical situations and is one of the best ways to train management

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