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Marketing Department

Marketing management is a process of organizing, managing and understanding the best way to deal with all marketing activities, Including marketing planning, pricing and product promotion by running a comprehensive product advertising campaign. Business and humanitarian activities designed to meet the needs of all consumers.

Marketing management functions

The most important marketing task is to develop a marketing plan for the organization in the short term, The Organization’s long-term plan. The most important task and function in the marketing management process is continuous cooperation with the sales department until completion in addition, There must be a clear plan for advertising and promoting the product, The implementation process cannot be unsupervised, This oversight and follow-up is also one of the most important functions of marketing management. first The most recent is marketing management. The primary decision-making officer is promptly and correctly, which allows these agencies to resolve their problems as soon as possible and to cause any harm or hinder the work of the Agency as a whole.

Elements and steps of marketing management

Marketing depends on the elements: basket shape, price, promotion and monitoring method on site and finally the trader and its effective and continuous monitoring. As for the steps of the marketing process, First, he briefed them on important marketing research, In addition to dividing the product, locating it and integrating it into the consumer’s mind, Then pay attention to the product and its price. Operation. Promote and distribute them. Then comes the execution, And finally surveillance.

The importance of marketing management

Marketing management and components training course for the 2022 century 1 Marketing management and components training course for the 2022 century

In this day and age, interest in marketing has increased dramatically as it is very vital and important in the process of spreading products among customers very significantly which helps to sell those products and increase the company’s profits, Given the huge number of these institutions and companies in the present era, which depends heavily on marketing, This has a negative impact on many fronts, With many products and prices suitable for all types of consumers, Visual pollution becomes unlikely because advertising and brands are everywhere except because they have been stripped. Beauty brands have everything.

Marketing elements:

Marketing management and components training course for the 2022 century 2 Marketing management and components training course for the 2022 century


The product is the first essential element of marketing, Any item or service provided by the company to the customer, This product must meet a particular consumer’s need or disguise itself to convince the consumer that it needs it, The marketer must fully understand the details of the product that can make the marketing process successful, Which, too, The business manager must have a plan to deal with the product at each stage. [1]


The price is the amount paid by the consumer. The products of some industries get only a small nominal price, While other products receive huge profit margins due to the high demand for their products, Price is affected by the sales cycle, supply, demand and product stages, The business strategy can adopt a cost-driving strategy, This is done by trying to beat the market at the lowest price, or by adopting a business strategy to increase prices, Depending on the luxury element or brand image, [2] It is also recommended to match the price with the real and expected value of the product, But supply costs for marketers must also be taken into account. Competitors’ prices, Seasonal discounts, where business can raise the price; they can reduce it at other times so that more consumers can try it, Marketers must determine the right time to reduce it. [1]


Promotion is one of the important parts of marketing, including promotion, public relations and advertising, which includes television advertising, online advertising, print media, billboards and other advertising methods, Public relations include the distribution of press releases for the media mission. The media, Trade fairs fall into the promotion category. [3]


The location element includes where the product is stored or manufactured, The Internet has provided a tremendous development in the sale and distribution of products, from small local companies to international companies, Site strategies also include where to advertise. Products such as: Radio Commercials, Magazines, internet ads, etc. [2]


People are the fifth element of additional marketing after the four basic elements, Because even with a good marketing strategy, If someone fails to implement them correctly, The marketing process will fail; It is recommended to devote sufficient time to hiring the team properly, Training, supervision and review of the exact needs of its staff, Looking for people who have common ground with the company’s vision and progress

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