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Occupational safety and health are extremely important sciences designed to protect factory and work personnel from potential accidents that may result in injury or death of workers (God forbid) and damage or damage to the property of the facility.

This science is rooted in the many standards and requirements that must be followed to keep us safe and around us. As has been said, Safety for all, This means that everyone has the responsibility and solidarity to live in a safe and secure environment. A safe working environment.

Occupational safety and health cover all aspects of life, For example when dealing with electricity and household appliances, Must comply with public safety requirements, Read special manuals for the use of equipment when handling. When using electricity and driving, Do not waive the following traffic safety rules, Such as (a dashboard requires everyone in the car to wear seat belts and follow the speed prescribed because safety is (first) always.

Public safety steps

Occupational safety and health 4 general objectives sought by 1 Occupational safety and health 4 general objectives sought by
  1. The use of personal protective equipment and safety at work should not be underestimated.
  2. The need for a first aid bag in the workplace to deal quickly with minor injuries.
  3. Flammable chemicals should be removed from workers’ communities because they pose a real threat to factories, enterprises and their workers.
  4. The need to activate occupational safety concepts within factories and facilities by finding a professional safety executive so that he can follow up on safety requirements that can reduce many accidents.
  5. Training must be carried out to improve the readiness of workers in factories and facilities so that they have sufficient experience to understand how to evacuate and deal with accidents when they occur.
  6. There is a need to maintain coordination between factory owners or their officials, civil defence occupational safety and health organizations and relevant entities through courses for supervisors and employees with the aim of providing a safe working environment for all.
  7. It is necessary to publish brochures, posters and posters regularly and to keep pace with developments in the public safety work environment, These publications are necessary and important for educating and educating workers, Thus reducing work accidents. Work environment

The overall goal of occupational safety and health

Occupational safety and health 4 general objectives sought by 2 Occupational safety and health 4 general objectives sought by
  1. Protect people from the dangers of the working environment by preventing them from being exposed to occupational accidents, injuries and diseases.
  2. Protecting the component parts of the physical elements represented in the facility, As well as the equipment and contents of the equipment it contains, of damage and loss due to accidents.
  3. Provide and implement all occupational safety and health requirements to ensure a safe and risk-free environment of human and material factors.
  4. Occupational safety and health as a scientific method aimed at enabling workers to achieve safety and tranquillity at work and reduce their exposure to life-threatening threats between the necessities of life, tools, materials and machinery, And use them in unsafe conditions. Their lives are in danger from time to time the same applies to security.

From a career safety perspective, Store safety is summarized as follows: Storage sites often contain strategic inventories of raw materials or product facilities and other equipment and machinery that are estimated to require significant capital, It is necessary to protect these stores from the risk of fire or theft to protect the elements inside them, The insurance process depends on this due to the enormous damage that fires can cause to stored combustible materials, Prevent and prepare fires properly. Even if it’s not flammable, Exposure to smoke or high temperatures may be affected by other nearby flammable substances that catch fire. The damage was caused by the use of water in fire fighting operations. There are three precautions to follow in the warehouse protection process, The most important of which is the separation of the storage site from the manufacturing site, And avoid any ignition sources at the storage site, Take action to reduce the incidence of fires in warehouses. Storage location.

Ways to achieve safety:

Occupational safety and health 4 general objectives sought by 3 Occupational safety and health 4 general objectives sought by

Occupational Safety and Health Management Programs and Regulations

It is worth mentioning that there are very few occupational health and safety sector projects in Arabic and I will mention them. The shortage of these items is due to the immaturity of the concept of occupational safety in the Arab and Eastern States. Mediterranean region. The scarcity of arabic-translated or spoken systems leads to a poor understanding of these systems. Its application in the Arab world adversely affects the skills of public safety officials in the region and their traditional and sterile approach to managing occupational safety and health concepts.

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