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The PMP certification test was based on the basis described in the PMP Exam Specification Book (Project Management Certificate Exam Specifications issued by the American Society), Which limits the topics addressed in the test to five:

  1. Start the project (13%).
  2. Project planning (24%).
  3. Implementation of the project (31%).
  4. Project control and control (25%).
  5. Project closure (7%).

PMP Professional Project Management Exam

The test consists of 200 questions, Introduction according to the Book of Project Management Practices and Ethics, Distributed on previous topics based on written proportions. Reference materials are not allowed into the examination room and the duration of the examination is 4 hours. The 25 written test questions are test questions designed to adjust the difficulty and accuracy of the test and are not evaluated by the applicant’s answer. Questions are not specifically selected from a particular approach, But they are designed to assess the applicant’s ability to manage the situation and find solutions.

The difference between PMP and PRINCE2

PRINCE2, or projects in a controlled environment, Is an organized project management and certification program that divides the project into manageable stages and divides responsibilities between positions based on authority the system has been adopted in many countries around the world, Including the UK, Australia and other Western European countries.

In general, PMP is more widespread in the United States, However, the two systems get to know each other and are considered complementary in course materials and brochures. Companies often choose the plan that best suits them and train their employees, Taking into account location and cost.

Both programs are recognized in the Arab world and Asian countries and are either a comprehensive guide for certification holders in project management and organization.

Tips for you on the project management exam

1. If you find the first question difficult or far from your idea, Don’t get excited, It’s normal, Just skip it and click the tag.

2- Smile and calm down because the worst thing you can do is take the test again at half price.

3- Do a quick scan of the answers, Based on your understanding of the question, You’ll rule out at least two questions you think are wrong.

4- I solve problems in order first, Because you solve short problems that are one line long first, And then you move on to longer problems, Long issues are retained for the latter, And don’t think about it.

5- You will face questions where you will find complexity or there may be multiple answers. When you think about the answers, Suppose the situation is perfect and inexplicable.

6- If you choose Arabic as a secondary language during the exam, Questions are read in Arabic only for the utmost necessity to avoid repetition and play.

7. Answer immediate questions (such as business questions) quickly to avoid wasting time.

8. When you receive a question that confuses you, Make sure you think logically, If you have good experience in project management, You’ll know the answer.

9. Learn about the meaning of abbreviations, For example The exam is not wbs written, But the structure of the division of labour.

10. When you find the word “most important” in a question, I know there’s more than one correct answer, You have to think about the most important answer, It is the importance of experience.

11. You will find that many questions contain distractions, Beware of that.

12. When looking at an answer and wondering if it is the right answer, Select it and read all the answers, Then select the best answer.

13. Discuss the critical course and list the questions of the activity cycle numerically, You should draw them on paper before thinking about answering questions.

14. You may have questions that make you feel like you’re about to be in a crazy shelter because all the answers are correct and you don’t know which one is right! So wear your logical and ideal hats and reread this question.

Focus on choosing the ideal and ethical answer (professional responsibility).

16. Above all, of course, Ask God’s help first, And you have the best intentions, And do more than pray, But rely on God.

17. I repeat, don’t waste your time during the test and try to take advantage of every second.

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