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Professional bag design services

When designing an electronic program for a professional training bag, The design of the training bag is one of the most important training topics that training officials and professional trainers are looking for in their field, Because modern training depends on many different tools included in the training program, All equipment, tools and training materials designed to make the training process a success are included, There are many courses and courses that offer online programs to design professional training bags.
    Professional bag design services

Professional bag design services

Types of training bags

  • Portfolio management and leadership marketing and sales mix
  • Human Resources Management Portfolio Public Relations and Media Portfolios
  • Development and education portfolio
  • English bag
  • Self-development bag

Your bag for the preparation and design of professional training bags

  • This is an online training course designed to help lecturers and trainers and the purpose is to make them eligible to provide or supervise the design of the training plan and prepare comprehensive training packages for them.
  • The professional trainer course is designed to train company officials, training managers, training center manager, training bag designer and human resources manager, except for individual teachers and education managers who wish to receive these positions.
  • Participants will receive a certificate of accreditation called the “Training Materials Development Course”

Training topics within the program

  • Stages of development of the training plan
  • A comprehensive approach to the training process
  • Basic training bag configuration
  • Basics and methods of preparing training bags
  • Presenting and discussing student projects
  • Conditions for participation in the training program
  • Technical skills for designing training bags
  • The concept of the training bag
  • Evaluation and feedback techniques for designing training bags
  • Training kit
  • Training Kit Tool

Program of design, preparation and evaluation skills of training bags

  • The basis of the program is to develop the knowledge and skills of participants in the design, preparation and evaluation of training bags in accordance with international standards.
  • By linking concepts to practical applications in training, participants are provided with the content of the program to introduce the concept of modern training packages.
  • Learn about the importance of training tools, train in the design steps of a training bag and develop the training tools attached to the bag.
  • Provide a practical and simple way to prepare training bags.
  • Improving participants’ ability to prepare and design training bags through PTP technology improves the efficiency of evaluating training bags to meet the company’s needs through standards

What will be studied

A comprehensive approach to the training and research process through this method:
The importance of training and its field and its relationship to administrative development components of the training process and the foundations of effective training understanding the concept of the training bag concept of the training bag,
Why do you need a training bag?
The importance of the training bag and its type, content and structure of the training bag, the basic configuration of the training bag content and structure of the training bag with the IMAS matrix important variables in the training bag principles of preparing the training bag

Steps to build and design the training bag

Apply mccarthy theory (META4) effectively (CP3) in the design of training bags training decision standards standards preparation and organization of training content training guidelines program guidelines and objectives training methods and media used section elements in the bag into training units or packages

Training Package’s Tools training tools include:

Concepts and types of training tools Choose training tools and how to use them, divide the display media into audiovisual media, collective means and individual computer programming skills in the PowerPoint pilot program

 Technical techniques in the design and preparation of PTP Techniques training bags include:

Schedule technology and style 7 × 7 or style 5 × 5 Saudi Arabia to classify the training tool technology determine the practicality of each bag through AIDA DIF technology in bag design and units.
    6 benefits for training in the organization and for workers

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Professional bag design services 1 Professional bag design services

Professional bag design services

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Professional bag design services

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