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King Saud University’s scientific research programs include many of the skills required for university or postgraduate studies of all kinds. Officials at King Saud University believe in the importance of scientific research. To satisfy the aspirations of citizens scientifically and socially, There are two that represent the joints of any nation, All use scientific research as a key tool through which roads can be bypassed and shortened. One scientific research can reflect the unfavorable situation and move forward, And scientific researchers know this well and they know that the task on their shoulders is daunting, But the implementation of scientific research must have links and procedures. helps male and female researchers explore this path, Therefore, the scientific research program at King Saud University does so in the best possible way.

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The contents of research courses at King Saud University:

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The most prominent knowledge included in the scientific research courses at King Saud University is:

Research ethics: The ethics of scientific researchers is the focus of the explanation presented in the scientific research course at King Saud University, It is a set of characteristics and behaviors that researchers should possess, The most important is to conduct original research free of duplication and fraud, Including all resources and references cites this, Based on the ratios determined by the research authorities, Taking into account the specifics of the people who are in the country, And the objectivity of the work, And constant reading in the field of experience, and perseverance in important tasks, and humility in dealing with researchers, Whether a colleague, supervisor or expert in great detail. These are expanded through tutorials.

Scientific research skills: Structured thinking is the cornerstone of scientific research, Researchers must have a number of skills, Including collecting information related to the search question, and develop a general research framework, The ability to explain the relationships between variables has shown all kinds of research skills. Scientific research courses at King Abdulaziz University have different examples.

Scientific research methods: The researcher should be familiar with the methods of research, I.e. theories separated by scientists through which scientific or social subjects can be studied. (description), Historical method, The legal way, The inference method, Experimental method, The way social research is, Inductive method.

Scientific research tools: Scientific research tools are an important part of some studies or papers, which need to collect first-hand information from research samples or respondents, most of which have a social orientation, such as social research, philosophy, psychology, administrative study, etc. Lecturers explain the most important tools in the King Abdulaziz course, such as questionnaires, interviews, tests and observations, how to prepare them, how to use them, and achieve goals.

Official scientific research standards: Lecturers in scientific research courses at King Saud University explain the general structure of what the research or paper should contain, in the type and size of the line used, margins, Packaging or type, Etc.

Ways to conduct scientific research: Any scientific research has a general order explained by the trainer in the scientific research course at King Saud University in general the researcher chooses the subject of the research or after the conception should follow the title. With an introduction to the study, Followed by the importance of the study, and its objectives, And the search methods used, Concepts or search terms are followed by research questions, hypotheses, or both, followed by chapters, chapters, research needs, or thesis-represented interpretations, Followed by the conclusions of the research, Followed by recommendations, And the conclusion of the research that the researcher concludes. Completion of scientific research study, Followed by a list of references recorded in the text search.

Remote training courses from King Saud University 3 Remote training courses from King Saud University

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