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Results of training in the performance of workers

In addition to solving the reasons why they don’t know how to perform tasks in a certain way, Training employees can also help solve problems with employees’ ignorance of what to do and how to do it.
    Results of training in the performance of workers
So , Training can usually solve job performance problems and improve the financial situation of the company, It also reduces the time needed to correct problems and poor performance, In addition to reducing the effort required to complete the same function repeatedly, This can also reduce maintenance costs and reduce the need for employee supervision. To increase productivity

Reduce replacement costs for workers

Good training provides employees with the cost of replacing new employees because replacement costs are high because they include severance costs and administrative costs related to the termination of any employee’s services, as well as severance pay and unemployment compensation, as well as transportation and medicine. Exams in addition to many other costs, the cost of interviews with new employees and research has shown that the cost of replacing employees increases with their level of work. For example, the cost of replacing employees. The average manager’s salary is 20% of his salary.

Other effects of staff training

There are many other positive effects of training, And some of them come.

  • Enhance the employee’s sense of responsibility, promotion and salary increases.
  • The process of promoting change and development through training, Thus increasing the understanding of employees and their participation in any change and development, Provide the skills and capabilities to adapt to new situations.
  • Improving staff morale.

Other factors affecting functionality

There are many factors that affect employee performance, These factors must be taken into account to ensure that training has a positive impact on the performance of the employee, Including:
  • Company culture.
  • The organizational structure of the company.
  • Design and distribution of work
    6 benefits for training in the organization and for workers

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    What are the obstacles to the success of the training process

Results of training in the performance of workers

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Results of training in the performance of workers

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